About Us

About UsI love Africa is a Global African and diaspora platform born by the inspiration of our love for Africa, to promote Black people globally, African culture, enlighten, entertain individuals, and guide those seeking to learn about Africa and the African Diaspora nations and cultures. Our platform Curates various Niches that help people access the real Africa, the Beautiful and positive Africa that isn’t promoted on mainstream media globally. The Africa we know is different from the Africa that is often portrayed negatively.


We show the very significant side of Africa which has been overlooked, the industrious, dynamic, fun, creative, and innovative Africa. The beautiful, modern, and energetic Africa which has a lot to offer and is eager to reunite with her children globally. Africa stands as a backbone to the world without reaping the fruits of her labor.


This motherland gives birth to and nurtures dreams and aspirations. The land that has given so much, yet never receives, the Africa born in us regardless of the land of our birth, roots deep in our genes, connected to us as our heritage and our original home, The Africa We LOVE so dearly.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to take decisive steps towards redeeming the positive image stripped off our continent. We intend to gather together the people of African descent globally and friends of Africa for the Love of the Motherland and create a community where we can all unite as one people to reap the benefits of our heritage. We intend to shed light on the true beauty of the African continent and help people see our dear motherland for her true beauty, to see beyond the myths and stereotypes often taunting and damaging Africa.


Our mission is to restore dignity and pride to the motherland and her global descendants by changing the narratives one Niche at a time. We stand to be all the resources you require to embark on your journey of self-discovery back to roots.


Our Vision

Our vision is to achieve a global black unity and knowledge of ourselves and our unique cultures, a dream that has been our ancestors’ goal. The dream that every revolutionary leader fought to keep alive must stay alive through this platform for the love of Africa.