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Rwandans Fear Leaving Their Homes In Congo as Anti-Rwandan Protests Heat Up

Rwandans have expressed fear of leaving their homes in the Democratic Republic of Congo, as anger over rebel attacks leads to Anti-Rwandan protests within...

Angola Begins Trial of 49 Security Agents Accused of Embezzlement

The trial of 49 military and state security agents accused of corruption, embezzlement and abuse of power in a multimillion-dollar case opened in Angola...

Zimbabwe Set To Introduce Gold Coins As Inflation Spirals Out of Control

Zimbabwe is set to introduce gold coins, allowing investors to store value within the country as inflation spirals out of control. The move comes...

Algeria’s Sonatrach Discovers Major Gas Deposit In the Country’s Sahara

Algerian oil and gas company Sonatrach on Monday announced the discovery of a "significant" gas condensate deposit in the Hassi R'mel field in Algeria's...

Royal House of Mandela Calls For Alcohol Ban After Tavern Deaths in South Africa

The grandson of former President Nelson Mandela, Inkosi Zwelivelile Mandla Mandela, says Mandela's royal family is calling for the closure of communal taverns and...

10 African Countries With The Highest Crude Oil Production in 2022

Five of the top 30 oil-producing nations in the world are located on the African continent, however this article will highlight 10 African countries...

Kenya Seals Deal To Import Cheaper Fuel From Saudi Arabia

The state-owned National Petroleum Corporation of Kenya will begin shipping fuel from Saudi Arabia at prices lower than global rates. This is expected to...

Top 10 Richest Men in Africa

The 10 richest men in Africa amassed their wealth through investments in sectors like retail, energy, and the diamond industry. Aliko Dangote, the owner...

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