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12 Beautiful Places to Visit in Eritrea


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Eritrea is tucked away in the Horn of Africa. Ethiopia, Sudan, Djibouti, and the Red Sea all border this little nation of six million inhabitants.

Eritrea is still one of the most breath-taking nations in the Horn despite a host of issues like a weak economy and political repression, as well as travel restrictions.

Asides from the beautiful landscapes, there are quite a number of beautiful places to visit in Eritrea, making it a fantastic and unusual destination to visit because of its ethnic mix.

One can also witness a lot of Italian architecture and culture in this area because it was occupied by the Italians up to 1944.

Except for luxury, the nation has everything travelers may possibly need while on vacation.

You’ll discover a multi-ethnic nation with nine different ethnic groups and cultural influences from the Arab, Mediterranean, and Abyssinian regions.

There is nothing comparable in terms of beauty, this nation offers beaches, reefs, archipelagos, culture, religion, archaeology, and natural beauty while remaining mostly unaffected by development and tourists.

Visitors will enjoy discovering the many secret places in Eritrea, whose name is derived from a Greek phrase that means “Red Sea.”

Ready to explore? Here are 12 beautiful places to visit in Eritrea

  1. Asmara
  2. Massawa
  3. The Imperial Palace
  4. St Mariam Cathedral
  5. Senafe
  6. Dahlak Marine National Park
  7. Qohaito
  8. Filfil
  9. Dankalia
  10. Keren
  11. Mountain Emba Soira
  12. Semenawi Bahri National Park
1. Asmara

Eritrea’s capital, Asmara, is a charming small city. The city has a rich architectural and historical heritage.

The National Museum of Asmara, which is rich in history, culture, and the arts, is the principal tourist attraction here.

12 Beautiful Places to Visit in Eritrea
source: pinterest

It’s beautiful to see the Italian colonial structures and cafes. Roadside cafes also serve delicious Italian coffee and pastries.

There are two sides to this capital city. The first things you’ll notice are the street cafés serving delectable Italian coffee, excellent walking neighborhoods, numerous pastry stores, and the town’s leisurely pace.

Simply put, you’ll have the impression that you’ve just landed in a sleepy Italian village. On the other hand, there are also unpleasant economic realities like power outages, desolate streets, and sluggish industry.

Asmara is one of the friendliest cities you’re likely to visit in Africa. Additionally, you’ll discover the largest concentration of modernist buildings in the entire world.

Since its creation in the 1930s, when Mussolini had his eye on Ethiopia, the majority of the ancient territory has remained undisturbed.

You’ll quickly grow to adore Asmara if you combine its history, architecture, welcoming residents, and eight months of sunlight annually.

2. Massawa

Massawa, which is located roughly 100 kilometres from Asmara, is quite unlike the capital.

It’s so much pleasure to take a stroll around the streets and alleyways and find all the hidden whitewashed buildings, arcades, and little porticoes.

12 Beautiful Places to Visit in Eritrea
source: unusual traveler

The independence battle left a large portion of the city destroyed, and reconstruction is a lengthy process.

The town is right on the ocean, and it has a laid-back atmosphere overall.

Don’t forget to see the Ottoman bazaar or the coral cottages.

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3. The Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace in Massawa overlooks the harbour. The first structure was constructed in the 16th century by a Turk named Osdemir Pasha.

12 Beautiful Places to Visit in Eritrea
source: pinterest

Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie used the current structure, which Werner Munzinger constructed in the 19th century.

Although it suffered significant damage during the War for Independence, you can still see a reflection of Massawa’s appearance before the conflict in its current state.

4. St Mariam Cathedral

The Orthodox St. Mariam Cathedral is located in Massawa. The exterior of this stunning building features a gorgeous mural that most people find to be quite hospitable.

The statue across the street is distinctive to St. Mariam.

The monument honours the Eritrean War for Independence and is composed of three sizable tanks that are positioned exactly where they stopped during the 1990 battle of Massawa.

Members of the church community scrub it every morning in adoring memory of those who have passed away.

5. Senafe

Senafe is located in southern Eritrea, just outside of the highlands.

The settlement, which is largely Tigrinya and Saho in population, is most known for the Metera (or Balaw Kalaw) ruins.

About 10 hectares of remains can be found at the location, including a monument from the third century.

Enda-Tradqan, a monolithic church, and the enormous stone outcropping found to the south of town are some of the other well-known attractions in the town.

You can ask a native to show you how to scale the rocks if you’re feeling very daring. You’ll receive a breath-taking view in return.

6. Dahlak Marine National Park

The Dahlak Marine National Park is situated in the Dahlak Archipelago and is surrounded by water.

Places to Visit in Eritrea
source: pinterest

This complex ecosystem has largely escaped human interference. Over 300 different types of fish are there, along with turtles, dolphins, and manta rays. If you dive, here is where you want to go in Eritrea.

Incredible pumice stone formations have been created by underwater volcanoes, and the numerous shipwrecks surrounding the islands provide one of the most amazing diving experiences you’re likely to have.

Keep an eye out for Dugon dugon, a rare species of sea mammal thought to be the origin of the mermaid mythology.

7. Qohaito

One of Eritrea’s most well-known archaeological sites is Qohaito, which is located halfway between Asmara and Senafe.

The Safra’s Dam and King Saba’s palace ruins, which date to the Axumite and pre-Axumite periods can be found here.

The location was initially found in the nineteenth century, and excavation work started in the 1960s. This region has been occupied since the fifth century, according to the rock art found there.

The nation’s tallest peak, Emba Soira, is nearby. As you visit the remains, it’s quite fascinating to think about what life was like all those years ago.

8. Filfil

The remnants of Eritrea’s tropical forest can be found here. A magnificent array of mammals and bird species call this once-abundant “Green Belt” home.

Finding this verdant space in the middle of a desert landscape is unexpected. Because of the escarpment that connects the lowlands and highlands, it can thrive.

The town of Filfil is surrounded by plantations, and the town and forest together form a national forest that is under protection.

It’s one of the most stunning regions in the nation and something you must see while you’re there.

9. Dankalia

The Dankalia region which is a part of Eritrea stretches along the Red Sea’s coast for around 500 kilometres.

12 Beautiful Places to Visit in Eritrea
source: outdoor photography guide

The Danakil depression is located here, and it’s thought to be the hottest point on Earth.

It is also among the lowest spots on Earth’s surface since it has descended to a depth of around 400 feet below sea level over time.

Because the surface is so thin, lava constantly flows upward, transforming the landscape. Deep valleys, solitary mountain ranges, and volcanic cones are all scattered throughout the region.

The Afar tribe lives in this area, and they rely on salt mining from the vast flats nearby for a portion of their food supply.

The landscape is amazing and once in a lifetime for those daring travellers who venture there.

10. Keren

The provincial capital of Anseba, Keren, is the third-largest city.

This charming village is well known for being calm and relaxed back. Here, you’ll find vibrant markets and a wide range of ethnicities.

It is situated in a valley that was created by a number of the tallest mountains in Eritrea, including the Amba, Itaber, Lalamba, and Ziban Mountains.

Make sure to visit the 19th-century Tigu Egyptian fort, the railway station, the Sayed Bakri Mausoleum, the Debre Sina Monastery from the sixth century, known for its cave dwellings, and the St. Maryam Deari Chapel.

Like the locals, you can unwind completely by napping in one of the many baobab trees.

11. Mountain Emba Soira

This mountain, which is the tallest in Eritrea, is a portion of the mountain range that extends from the Great Rift Valley to the Red Sea on one side. It’s a fantastic spot to unleash your inner adventurer.

12 Beautiful Places to Visit in Eritrea
source; pinterest

There are activities like hiking, trekking, mountain climbing, and sightseeing available here. Visit a town close by, arrange a place to stay, and then organise a journey to the mountains.

12. Semenawi Bahri National Park

It’s an amazing national park located not far from the capital. It is located at the base of a mountain, and the winding roads there are beautiful to observe as well as the view they provide.

Numerous animals can be seen, and you can take pleasure in the calm surroundings.

If you have a little of an adventurous streak, you will definitely enjoy every moment of your trip. It is an amazing and lovely location to enjoy, unwind, and learn a lot about the local culture and way of life.

Indeed, Eritrea is one of the most underrated travel destinations in the world, with a lot to offer any type of traveller.

If you’re looking for something different, an authentic experience far away from the crowds, then this might just be the place for you. Grab your bags and get ready to visit Eritrea.

There are numerous activities to do there, making it a wonderful spot to visit.


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