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Afro Kids Club Membership

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We happily engage our young students in numerous fun experiences while learning about historical pioneers who helped make positive changes to our world.

Our Packages

Note: For all membership packages, classes are broken down into hourly online sessions

Basic Membership

$ 150 /mo
  • 4 Language Classes
  • 4 Arts And Craft Classes
  • 4 Storytime Sessions
  • 4 African Dance Sessions
  • 2 Annual Excursions
  • Basic Monthly Membership Package

Standard Membership

$ 250 /mo
  • 6 Language Classes
  • 6 Arts And Craft Classes
  • 6 Storytime Sessions
  • 6 African Dance Sessions
  • 4 Annual Excursions
  • Standard Monthly Membership Package


$ 350 /mo
  • 8 Language Classes
  • 8 Arts And Craft Classes
  • 8 Storytime Sessions
  • 8 African Dance Sessions
  • 6 Annual Excursions
  • 1 Annual International Excursion
  • Premium Monthly Membership Package

Why become a member of I Love Africa's Global Afro Kids Club?

  • Kids get to interact with kids from other parts of the world to make friends and have enlightening and knowledgeable conversations online.
  • Our tutors are very reliable and professional with top notch experiences from the continent.
  • Kids get to learn a lot about so many Africans Cultures, acquire skills and enjoy all the amazing services we have to offer.
  • We are Teaching and bridging the gap of lack of information and interaction for kids globally.

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