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I LOVE AFRICASchool Of Culture

If you are of the African Diaspora and are fascinated with the African culture, and you wish to know and learn more about the motherland and its rich history and heritage especially through its languages, arts and crafts, cuisine, and more! Why not get started now?

Afro Choreography Dance class

African dance is steadily evolving. With the world’s entertainment steadily embracing the African sounds and Rhythm, a variation of African dance has found its way into mainstream entertainment. Our dance instructors will put you through the energetic dance steps and soon you will be showing off your dance steps like a pro.

African cultural dance

African cultural dance steps cut across varying styles and Rhythm. Sign up with our professional dance instructors for a step by step journey on the beautiful, intricate and fun world of African traditional dance across cultures.


Crafts and Arts are an integral part of the African culture. Communities in Africa embed their history and cultural systems in their Arts and their Crafts. The I Love Africa School of Culture offers Online and Offline classes on African arts and crafts by experienced African craft tutors, artists and craftsmen.

Online & Offline Tutoring Of African Languages

Online & Offline Tutorial Of African Dishes

Why Choose I Love Africa School Of Culture?

Solid Knowledge Of The African Continent

Our team at I LOVE AFRICA have a proven track record of first-hand knowledge on the African continent and its ancestry

Flexible Virtual Sessions For All Tutors And Participants

You can study and learn from anywhere in the world at your tailored Convenience via Zoom, Skype e.t.c

Experienced and Diligent Tutors

Our Tutors are experienced, dedicated and diligent. They are focused on providing a customized fun and easy learning approach.

Feel The Motherland

We are proud of the African Heritage and as such, our lessons are built around African history and culture. You get a so much for the price of one experience.