MBBAAfro Kids Club

The entire team of the MBBA Afro Kids Club, an arm of the MBBA School of African Culture, A school owned by the My Beautiful Black Ancestry Global (MBBA GLOBAL) and is delighted to bring to your notice, our latest project, the MBBA Afro Kids Club.

Children are the future, and it is best to catch them young and mould them into the future harbingers of progression. Most kids in the African Diaspora have little or no knowledge of their History and cultural backgrounds as Africans or descendants of Africans. Years of white washed history has cost most Adults their knowledge of authentic African History and customs, but we are creating a path to ensure that the kids of today grow in their full glory and knowledge as African Princesses and Princes.

Our Plan

  • We are presently working on a bi-monthly folktale/folklore and history lessons for little kids of African descent globally on our online and Offline afro kids club.
  • We want to import folktale/folklore books and black history books and Cultural packages to give freely as a bonus in our classes to black kids in America.
  • We are also working on collaborations with the right people from the African continent to provide the much needed books and also procure tutors for the kids at the MBBA Afro Kids Club on language lessons.
  • Good morals, etiquettes, African Values, Self Confidence, Cooking lessons and African recipes are a staple on the Menu of this project.