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How to visit four countries in one week, Exploring an African Safari


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Life is about making beautiful memories! Part of making good memories is travelling to four different African countries. You can learn how to visit four countries in one week easily from this article.

Memories interrupt the monotony that can sometimes characterize everyday life. One of the smartest ways of creating amazing memories is by visiting more than one country. When you take in the sun, the moment, the colourful places and the bustling market places buying mementoes, your memories will last a lifetime.

Some of the best memories you will make will be those that you make in Africa. There is so much to say. There are pictures to take videos to make and sights to record and share via Instagram.

You will see animals migrating; and will see waterfalls and sandy beaches. You will go sea diving and snorkelling to see the amazing aquatic life underwater. There is nothing like this, you have to experience it to believe it.

Every African country is a wrapped gift of amazing treasures waiting for you to open it up and enjoy. There are deserts to explore, mountains to climb, wildlife to watch. The adventures are endless when you sign up for an African safari.

You can watch animals give up, watch the circle of life up close and just watch life lived differently.

Visiting more than one country in Africa will take some juggling and planning. Which of the countries are you interested in visiting?

Africa is a vast continent with more than fifty countries, visiting four at a time should be the most that you try. You can spend months just travelling through the African cities, National Parks, and amazing tourist spots in different countries.

How to visit four countries in one week, Exploring an African Safari

Plan your trip by region

You can plan your trip by region and travel by air. There is a phenomenon called “African Time” where your trips may get delayed, take all of this into consideration when making your plans.

Plan based on budget, timelines and destination. Consider the places where you would stay such as hotels, AirBnB and motels.

A good place to start your tour would be Senegal. From Senegal, you can head north to Morocco or Ethiopia. Then you can end to Tanzania and end your trip there.

You would have successfully visited one country in West Africa, two in North Africa and one in East Africa.

Senegal is a great place to start because of its capital. It is a business hub and the flights in and out of the US and Europe are fair. You can get direct flights from US and Europe to Senegal. So the need for more expenses attached to connecting flights is eliminated.

How to visit four countries in one week

Plan your trip with timing in mind

When planning to visit Africa, consider the wet and dry seasons. Animal migration happens towards the end of the year so the timing of your visit should be aligned with the season. African safaris are best during certain seasons. The best times to visit Africa is between September and January. This is the season of migration for the wildebeest in Tanzania.


Tour Packages and Pre-planned Itineraries

When visiting Africa, it makes sense to go as a group. Book a tour package that includes a guide and an itinerary. Plan to visit along with a touring company that has vendors and networks. Then accommodation, transport at all destinations and entry to the tourists attraction would be handled by the travel company.

Always be on the lookout for the reviews and the customer experiences of those who have visited different countries and a tour package. The reviews should let you in on the idea of what to expect.

How to visit four countries in one week, Exploring an African Safari
Victoria Waterfalls

Getting Between Destinations in Africa

Let’s get to the basics of how to visit four countries in one week. It all begins with picking the first country.

Consider flying with airlines that operate in Africa. You can find and view them online using KIWI or Google flights. If you are coming from the United States, book your flights through Europe for shorter routes.

Once you arrive in Africa, work with your hotels or backpackers lodge, get information on how to sign up for tours. Do your preplanning via the internet. There are great tourism countries home and abroad, work with the best ones.

How to visit four countries in one week, Exploring an African Safari
National Parks of Senegal

Ideas for Your Africa Multi-Destination Itinerary

Country 1: Senegal

Land in Dakar to begin your tour. Take in the West African energy and enjoy the colourful markets in Dakar. You can buy vibrant African fabrics, sculpted art and amazing street food. Senegal has the best wild beaches and wildlife-rich forested parks. Senegal has many places where you can begin your adventure to Africa.

For more on the best of Senegal, click here.

How to visit four countries in one week, Exploring an African Safari
Beautiful places in Morocco

Country 2: Morocco

Morocco is a colourfully vibrant, sweet-smelling and amazing country. All the tourists love the souls in Marrakech and Casablanca. They love the mountains and the architecture will leave you in awe.

Learning how to visit four countries in one week is also about choosing the right countries to visit.

For more about Morocco, click here.

How to visit four countries in one week, Exploring an African Safari
Beautiful Places in Ethiopia

Country 3: Ethiopia

Ethiopia has deep cultural roots. The mountains are beautiful. The religious architecture in Ethiopia draws visitors to this nation. Addis is the capital of the city and has fantastic food and amazing sights to see.

For more on Ethiopia, click here.

How to visit four countries in one week
Tanzania – Beautiful Places

Country 4: Tanzania

Tanzania is home to some of the best wildlife on the planet. Two treasures in Tanzania are the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater. Many of the wonderful wildlife in Africa are in these two places. Zanzibar and Swahili Coast are two places that you must see. The ancient cultures in this spot have survived for centuries. Some of the best beaches can also be found in Tanzania. You can get the opportunity to interact with the Maasai people of East Africa.

The rich history of the outlandish Island of Zanzibar reflects the culture of Swahili and reflects a mix of the African and Arabian ways of life. You can also visit Stone Town, a UNESCO world heritage site. All of Tanzania is a reflection of Swahili life. For more on Tanzania, read this.

How to visit four countries in one week
Dakar Senegal Airport – Where you drop down in Africa

How to visit four countries in one week – Mission Accomplished

Overall, it is recommended that you travel with a team of people unless you already have your own team. The best way to visit Africa is to go with a tour group that already has everything sorted. They have accommodation and tours sorted. They have travel sorted and know the best routes and the flight companies to fly with.




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