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Nairobi Glows in Red to Welcome Chinese Spring Festival


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The vibrant skyline of Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, has been aglow with red hues since Thursday, marking the arrival of the Chinese Spring Festival, also known as the Chinese New Year, which falls on Saturday. Iconic buildings and recreation spaces in the city have been adorned with dazzling red lights and decorations, adding a touch of festive spirit to the urban landscape.

The Spring Festival holds special significance in Chinese culture, symbolizing family reunions and the beginning of a new year filled with hopes for prosperity and blessings. To celebrate this auspicious occasion, Chinese communities worldwide engage in colorful activities and traditions.


In Nairobi, the Global Trade Centre, one of eastern Africa’s tallest buildings, illuminated the skyline with a captivating light show on Thursday evening. The spectacle, organized by the China Media Group (CMG), showcased the upcoming 2024 Spring Festival Gala, scheduled for Chinese New Year’s eve. Among the highlights of the light show was the display of the festival’s mascot, “Long Chenchen,” or the “dragon of Chenchen,” accompanied by warm Spring festival greetings from CMG to the people of Kenya.

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Additionally, the “Eye of Kenya” Ferris Wheel at Two Rivers Mall, East Africa’s largest shopping center, joined the celebration by illuminating the night sky in striking red, echoing the auspicious colors associated with the traditional festival. Nearby, students from the Confucius Institute at the University of Nairobi enthralled onlookers with vibrant dragon and lion dance performances, offering a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Chinese cultural traditions.

Nairobi Glows in Red to Welcome Chinese Spring FestivalLocal residents expressed delight at the spectacle, with one individual remarking on the beauty of the light show and its significance to the Chinese community. Another resident reflected on the symbolism of the Chinese New Year, emphasizing the anticipation of new opportunities and experiences in the year ahead.

Notably, the appearance of mascot Long Chenchen marked a historic moment, representing the first time CMG’s creative cultural products themed on the Spring Festival Gala have debuted on the African continent.

Nairobi Glows in Red to Welcome Chinese Spring FestivalAs Nairobi embraces the festive spirit of the Chinese Spring Festival, the city is set to host a variety of activities, including martial arts demonstrations, additional dragon and lion dance performances, and temple fairs. These festivities serve as a testament to the enduring cultural connections between China and Kenya, fostering mutual understanding and appreciation across borders.


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