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Nigeria Commissions Locally Made Naval WarShips

The Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari, commissioned 118 Naval Warships and boats; including a helicopter, to enhance the capability of the Nigerian Navy in securing the nation’s maritime domain as well as the Gulf of Guinea. These assets Also included seven Seaward ships and 111 boats. One of them, NNS Oji, a Seaward Defense Boat, SDB III; was locally built by the Nigerian Navy engineers at the Naval Dockyard, Victoria Island Lagos, Nigeria.

He said, ” I am delighted to note that one of the ships to be commissioned today, NNS OJI; which is a Seaward Defence Boat, is the third of its series to be locally built at the Naval Dockyard Limited, Lagos; solely by our Navy engineers.

Nigeria Commissions Locally Made Naval WarShips

“Given our present high dependence on oil and gas revenues; the Navy is undeniably a major contributor to the economic well-being of our country.

Additionally, the Naval warships were given local names; Nigerian Navy Ship UNITY, Nigerian Navy Ship KARADUWA and Nigerian Navy Tugboat COMMANDER EDWIN UGWU. Two out of the three, NNS Karaduwa and NN Tugboat Commander Edwin Ugwu are locally made.

The President said, “It is most fulfilling to note that our own engineers at the Nigerian Navy Dockyard, Lagos and the Naval Shipyard, Port Harcourt; are wholly responsible for the building of the Seaward Defence Boat; Nigerian Navy Ship KARADUWA and the Tugboat COMMANDER EDWIN UGWU, respectively.

“It is also worth noting that NNS UNITY, which is Nigeria’s newest warship; is the second of such acquisitions from the Peoples’ Republic of China.” he added.

The President also further praised the Nigerian Navy for being proactive in nursing the dream of a made-in-Nigeria ships and not relying solely on foreign sources.

Good job!

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