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NigeriaAir, Nigeria’s New Carrier Airline to Begin Operation Before May 29


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Nigeria’s new carrier airline, Nigeria Air, will begin operations following the collapse of the country’s independent carrier airline 20 years ago.

Revealing the exciting news at the 10th National Aviation Stakeholder Forum 2023 in Abuja, Aviation Minister Hadi Sirika said the national airline’s project is 98% complete.

NigeriaAir, Nigeria’s New Carrier Airline to Begin Operation Before May 29

“However, with the successful implementation of the roadmap projects, our overall goal is to grow the aviation sector’s contribution from the current 0.6% to 5% (approximately $14.166 billion).”

He said domestic and international flights will begin soon after ongoing negotiations between the Ethiopian Airlines Group consortium and the federal government.

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According to Sirika, as of June 2020, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has made a significant contribution to the Nigerian economy by creating around 241,000 direct and indirect jobs for Nigerians.

In his speech, the minister said that the benefits Nigeria could reap from the establishment of the national airline include a reduction in the price of capital flights out of Nigeria; BASA optimization, SAATM, and a state-of-the-art aviation center.

NigeriaAir, Nigeria’s New Carrier Airline to Begin Operation Before May 29

He also hinted that the national carrier will contribute adequately to the country’s gross domestic product or GDP, Facilitate hospitality and tourism, Facilitate the growth and development of Nigeria’s agricultural sector, and create employment opportunities around agricultural cargo terminals.

Sirika added: “A study showcases the significant contribution of air transportation to the national economy through providing 241,000 jobs (direct and indirect) and a contribution of $1.7 billion.”


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