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Tanzanian Fashion Designer Claims US Nuclear Official, Stole her Luggage and Has Been Wearing her Clothes


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A Tanzanian fashion designer has claimed that clothes she lost when her luggage disappeared at a Washington, DC airport in 2018 were worn by a former US nuclear official, Sam Brenton who was reportedly fired from the Department of Energy last year after an alleged luggage theft.

Asya Khamsin has been designing and making her clothes for many years. She told Fox News Digital that she recently saw a report accusing nuclear engineer and former US nuclear official Sam Brenton, a non-binary LGBTQ advocate, of stealing multiple bags in the US.

She told the agency that she saw Brenton in her clothes in several photos.

Tanzanian fashion designer

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Khamsin told Fox that he put the clothes in a suitcase that disappeared at Ronald Reagan National Airport in Washington on March 9, 2018.

“I saw the images. Those were my custom designs, which were lost in that bag in 2018,” she said, adding that Brinton “wore my clothes, which [were] stolen”.

The Texas-based Tanzanian designer said she traveled to an event in the capital where she was invited to show her pieces. But after her bag got lost, she was unable to attend.

Khamsin, along with her husband, filed a complaint with the Washington DC Airport Police Department, but no resolution of the matter was found. They also filed a claim with the airline for the flight from Houston to DC – Delta.

Tanzanian Fashion Designer Claims US Nuclear Official, Stole her Luggage and Has Been Wearing her Clothes

Khamsin shared her communication with Delta airline with Fox, in which she told the airline that the bag contained expensive clothing, shoes, jewelry and other items.

She filed a complaint with the Houston Police Department on December 16 after discovering items of clothing resembling objects in press reports about Brenton in her purse.

Her husband said she got a call from the FBI’s Minneapolis field office late last month about the tip, Fox said.

The Independent reported in November that Brenton was charged with stealing a suitcase at a Minneapolis airport.


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