Top Annual Events Across Nigeria You Can’t-Miss Out


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Welcome to Nigeria, the land that flows with rich culture and heritage, pulling extraordinary surprises for everyone when it comes to celebrations. Different annual events make Nigeria one of the most unusual countries with hives of activity all year round.  Dazzling ceremonies and colorful festivals will keep you engaged with memories you cannot trade for anything. We have listed top annual events you can’t miss out in Nigeria:

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Calabar Carnival

Calabar Carnival is second to the Rio Festival in the world. A carnival that has no rival in Africa and also the biggest street party you can ever witness. The carnival hosts over 60,000 costumed participants, televised to millions of spectators. Calabar Carnival is a month festival that has different entertainment and, cuisine, and cultural activities aside from the parades.

Eyo Festival

Lagos comes alive during the Eyo Festival, where the white-clad masquerades draw global attention to the city.  Some rules are strictly followed on the day of the festival. Bicycle riders are not allowed around the festival ground neither are you expected to wear sandals. Smoking is prohibited, and if you break any of these rules, the masquerades will punish you.

Argungu Fishing Festival

The Argungu Fishing Festival takes place in a quiet town called Argungu, an annual festival that spreads over four days.  The fishing festival started in 1934 to mark the hostility between the Kebbi Kingdom and Sokoto Caliphate.  Fishermen in their thousands flood the Sokoto River to catch the biggest fish of the day.  Music, dancing, and other activities make this annual event a must witness.

Ofala Festival

The Ofala Festival is celebrated in Nnewi by the indigenes to celebrate the Obi of Onitsha. It is an ancient festival that is held either in December or January.

Osun Festival

Osun Festival is a spiritual festival held in the Oshogbo Sacred forest at the end of any raining season. The festival is a seven day event that reveres the goddess, Oshun by thousands of faithful coming from other parts of the world.  The deity priests are seen conducting rituals and prayers for people. Many barren women flood this forest believing that the goddess will give them kids after the festival.

Leboku New Yam Festival

The New Yam Festival is an important festival in Nigeria, celebrated in different ways by different ethnic groups. The Leboku people of Yakurr, Cross River State take out three weeks to celebrate this event. This festival brings out engaged maidens of the land for the people to see and then a lot of appeasing of the gods is done for people.

Olojo festival

The Olojo Festival is a sacred festival that the Ooni of Ife carries out in the ancient Ife Kingdom. He abandons his throne to be with the spirits and gods so he can communicate with them. After his ascension to his throne, the Olojo festival begins. The Ooni will lead his people in a long procession to visit the Okemogun’s shrine. The Ooni renews his oath to be a good ruler at the foot of Oketage hill in the presence of his people.

There are other significant annual events that attract millions of tourists from different parts of the world to Nigeria. The good news is that every season has lots of events that will keep you engaged and entertained in Nigeria.


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