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70-year-old Ugandan Woman Safina Namukwaya Gives Girth to Twins


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In a truly extraordinary turn of events, Safina Namukwaya, a 70-year-old woman from Uganda has successfully given birth to twins, according to her doctor who spoke with AFP on Thursday. Dr. Edward Tamale Sali, who oversaw the woman’s pregnancy and delivery, expressed awe at the achievement, stating, “It’s an extraordinary feat to give birth to twins at such an advanced age.”

70-year-old Ugandan Woman Safina Namukwaya Gives Girth to Twins

The proud mother, Safina Namukwaya, described the birth of her baby boy and girl on Wednesday as nothing short of a miracle. Both the mother and her newborns are reported to be in good health and are currently receiving postnatal care at a medical facility in the capital city of Kampala. It is worth noting that Namukwaya normally resides in the rural area of Masaka, which is approximately 120 kilometers west of Kampala.

Interestingly, this is not the first time Namukwaya has defied expectations. Just three years ago, she gave birth to a daughter, despite facing criticism and being labeled as a “cursed woman” for her inability to conceive earlier in life. Safina Namukwaya had no children with her first husband, who passed away in 1992. Her current partner, whom she met in 1996, did not attend the recent birth, much to her disappointment. She speculated, “Maybe he’s not happy that I gave birth to twins… perhaps due to the apprehension of the responsibilities it entails.”



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