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Damson Idris, Lori Harvey ‘Still Going Strong’ Despite Breakup Rumors


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Despite what the rumor mill would have you believe, Snowfall star Damson Idris and model/businesswoman Lori Harvey are still together.

According to a statement by Idris’ own rep to Newsweek, the two “remain very strong and often come together as a couple.”

Damson Idris, Lori Harvey 'Still Going Strong' Despite Breakup Rumors

The news comes just a week after infamous blog Media Take Out reported that the couple had called it quits via confirmation from an unnamed friend of Harvey’s.

This news also comes with the arrival of a new cover story from Idris during his interview with Complex. In it he explained why he chose to go public with their relationship despite being a private person.

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“I guess I’m just growing. I’m just learning,” he said. “I’m not letting certain things affect me and I’m also understanding that life is life and that social media is social media. Sometimes you may do different things. Sometimes you may act out of touch sometimes, but you learn. People are able to look at those choices and learn. With my private life today, with my relationship today, uh, it’s great. Life is great and I’m just moving forward.”

Damson Idris, Lori Harvey 'Still Going Strong' Despite Breakup Rumors

He later added, “It is tough to keep those things a secret, but you know, our lives are under a magnifying glass. And people need to understand that people are people. People in the public eye are people. As I said, it’s great and life is great.”

Idris is currently starring in Prime Video’s newly released psychological horror series Swarm, in which she stars alongside Dominic Fishback and Chloe Bailey. It also features in the sixth and final season of Snowfall, which airs Wednesdays on FX and Thursdays on Hulu.


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