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Jada Pinkett Smith Reveals Chris Rock Asked Her Out Amid Divorce Rumors


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In addition to the revelation that she and Will Smith have been living separately since 2016, Jada Pinkett Smith has disclosed an intriguing encounter involving comedian Chris Rock. Jada shares this story in her book “Worthy,” where she not only discusses the challenges in her marriage but also opens up about an unexpected interaction with Chris Rock that took place during a period when rumors of divorce were swirling around her and Will. This revelation adds a unique layer to her already candid account of her life.

Jada Pinkett Smith Reveals Chris Rock Asked Her Out Amid Divorce Rumors

In her book, Jada recounts the circumstances surrounding Chris Rock’s proposal of a date. During a particular summer, it seemed like every year the media would be filled with speculations about the impending divorce of Jada and Will. It was amidst this atmosphere of persistent rumors that Chris Rock reached out to Jada. He expressed his interest in taking her out on a date, believing that she and Will were heading for a divorce.

Jada, however, clarified the situation and set the record straight. She explained to Chris that the divorce reports were entirely unfounded and merely rumors. Chris, taken aback by the misunderstanding, was genuinely surprised and profusely apologized for his assumption. This candid revelation highlights the impact that media speculation can have on the personal lives of public figures like Jada and Will.

Furthermore, Jada’s recent interviews have shed light on the dynamics of her relationship with Will. In her conversation with People, Jada discussed the recurrent rumors of divorce, which often surfaced during the summer months. These reports, while baseless, added to the couple’s challenges in navigating their public image.

Jada Pinkett Smith Reveals Chris Rock Asked Her Out Amid Divorce Rumors

In her interview with Hoda Kotb on Today, Jada delved into the nature of her separation from Will. She explained that while it wasn’t a formal divorce on paper, by the time they reached 2016, they had both grown weary from their efforts to sustain the relationship. Jada candidly shared that they had become entrenched in their individual fantasies of what they expected the other person to be.

Despite these difficulties, she revealed that they had made a solemn promise to each other never to provide a reason for divorce. This commitment underscored their determination to work through any challenges that came their way. Jada expressed her enduring belief in this promise, revealing that she hadn’t been able to break it, despite the hurdles they faced in their marriage.


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