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Kanye West Donda Academy Sued By Former Teachers Who Allege Students Were Only Fed Sushi


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Kanye West’s Donda Academy has been sued by former teachers for wrongful termination, with the teachers making a series of disturbing allegations about what really happened at the school.

Court documents obtained by DailyMail.com detail the claims of Cecilia Haley and her daughter Chekarey Byers, who claim to have seen children at the secret gym eating just one serving of sushi a day while sitting on the floor.

Kanye West Donda Academy Sued By Former Teachers Who Allege Students Were Only Fed Sushi

They claim they have been discriminated against because of their race, illegally paid and expelled from school in retaliation for reporting violations of the law.

Bizarre and disturbing allegations against the school included banning all colours, including artwork, from classrooms, forcing everyone to wear head-to-toe black, and banning classes on the second floor.

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The $15,000-a-year gym, which Byers described as “like a patient-run mental institution,” was opened by West in California in 2021. West now faces more than $1 million in damages, along with the school and three of the principals.

Shortly after taking a job as a fifth-grade teacher in January 2023, Byers claims she noticed several troubling rules and practices within the school, including rampant bullying and the lack of any safety measures at the top-notch academy.

After concerns were raised by director Moira Love about repeated health and safety violations and illegal parenting practices, the lawsuit claims “no action” was taken to address the issues.

Kanye West Donda Academy Sued By Former Teachers Who Allege Students Were Only Fed Sushi

In addition to claiming that the students only ate one sushi meal a day, they were also prohibited from bringing any off-campus food or drink other than water.

“It was common knowledge that West was spending $10,000 a week on sushi,” the lawsuit states.

Students were reportedly banned from using “crossword puzzles” or “coloring pages,” while West would not allow students to go outside during the day, even for lunch or a break.


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