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Kenya Suspends 16 Players And Coaches for Match-fixing

Kenya Suspends 16 Players And Coaches for Match-fixing

The Football Association of Kenya has suspended 14 players and two coaches over allegations of match-fixing after receiving an allegation of cheating in the national league.

Among those arrested on Friday were six Zoo Kericho FC players, who were found guilty of match-fixing by FIFA’s 2021 integrity department and banned from the Kenyan Premier League.

The Football Federation of Kenya (FKF) said it had suspended the accused, including a player, from taking over as Prime Minister of Kenya, Tusker, pending an official investigation into the matter.


“The Football Association of Kenya has received confidential reports alleging the involvement of a number of players and officials in match-fixing,” the organization said in a statement posted on its website.

“In order to protect the integrity of the league… the FA has immediately suspended these individuals pending investigations by the FIFA Integrity Department and the FKF into the matter.”


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The organization advised all FKF members to avoid “any sporting contact” with suspended players and coaches during the suspension period.

In February 2020, FIFA banned four Kenyan players – one for life – due to an “international conspiracy” to rig league matches.

Five Kenyan referees were later suspended over the same scandal.

Kenya Suspends 16 Players And Coaches for Match-fixing

Kenya returned to international football in November after being suspended by FIFA in February 2022 for alleged embezzlement of funds and appointed an interim panel.

In 2004, FIFA suspended Kenya for three months due to government interference, but the situation was reversed after the country agreed to introduce new laws.


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