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Kenyan official dismisses Reuters report on Chinese hack as ‘propaganda’


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Kenya’s senior security official, Raymond Omollo, has dismissed a Reuters report that exposed a series of cyber attacks by Chinese hackers on the country’s government institutions as “propaganda.”

The report, published on Wednesday, detailed the digital intrusions carried out by Chinese cyber spies against key Kenyan ministries and state institutions. The hacks were aimed, at least in part, at gaining information on Kenya’s debt to Beijing, according to two sources and cybersecurity research reports.

Kenyan official dismisses Reuters report on Chinese hack as 'propaganda'

In response to the report, Omollo released a written statement labeling it as “sponsored propaganda” without providing any evidence to support his claim.

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He further suggested that the widespread circulation and endorsement of the report by other foreign media outlets with known biases indicate a coordinated attack on Kenya’s sovereignty.

Reuters, however, stood by its story, reaffirming the accuracy and integrity of its reporting. A spokesperson for the news agency stated their commitment to the veracity of the information presented in the article.

Kenyan official dismisses Reuters report on Chinese hack as 'propaganda'

Omollo pointed out that China had provided Kenya with government network infrastructure, implying that if the origin country desired to infiltrate those systems, it would be unlikely to employ third-party hackers.

The dispute between Kenyan officials and Reuters highlights the sensitive nature of cyber espionage allegations and underscores the ongoing geopolitical tensions surrounding cybersecurity.


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