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Kenyans Invade Former President Kenyatta’s Land Claiming They Also “Deserve Access To Such Lands”


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On Monday, an armed group raided the huge family estate of former Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta in Nairobi on the east side of the road.

Demonstrators could be heard chanting Mau Mau slogans and saying that they too are Kenyans and deserve to own the land just like the Kenyattas.

When reporters from Nation arrived at the scene a few minutes before 2 p.m., dozens of people had already arrived at the property.

Kenyans Invade Former President Kenyatta’s Land Claiming They Also “Deserve Access To Such Lands”

Most of them were armed with primitive weapons, including freshly sharpened machetes and clubs. They can be seen transporting farm animals such as sheep.

Country crime reporter Steve Otieno is attacked by the gang when they discover he is a journalist covering the burglary story. They tore his clothes and stole his phone.

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Later, the NTV film crew who arrived in the area met the same fate when their car was stoned by the violent thieves.

The gang also burned down trees and bushes. Watch rangers hired to tend the grounds from afar as the drama unfolds.

As the Nation team left the scene, they spotted several public service vehicles parked along the Mwihoko-Githurai road and witnesses said they had been overtaken by thieves.

Two armed police officers were standing next to the vehicles. However, they did not intervene to stop the looting.

Kenyans Invade Former President Kenyatta’s Land Claiming They Also “Deserve Access To Such Lands”

Likewise, unidentified vandals broke into East Africa Specter Limited, which is linked to opposition leader Raila Odinga, the company’s security chief Humphrey Waswa said in a statement Monday.

The attack on the Odinga family’s gas cylinder factory coincided with the attack on Kenyatta’s land.

East Africa Spectra, based on Road C in Nairobi Industrial Park, manufactures and distributes gas cylinders in Kenya and the region.


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