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‘We shall not condone any attempts to legitimise LGBTQ’ – Kenya deputy president warns


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Kenya’s Vice President Rigathi Gachagua reiterated the East African country’s long-standing decision not to “tolerate” same-sex relationships.

He stressed that Kenya will resist any attempt to impose the same on its people and stressed the need to protect its customs and traditions.

“We shall not condone any attempts to legitimize LGBTQ actions in Kenya. Our values must be respected, and in no way shall we turn back,” he tweeted.


Gachagua made the remarks on Thursday while attending a program marking International Women’s Day in the capital, Nairobi.

The vice president’s comments come just a month after President William Ruto announced the country’s laws would apply to same-sex relationships.

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He told CNN’s Christian Amanpour on Wednesday September 7 that homosexuality and the problems it brings are “not a real problem” for ordinary Kenyans compared to the problems of unemployment and hunger.

“We have Kenyan law and the Kenyan Constitution, we have our traditions and customs and we will continue to respect the customs of others because they respect our customs and traditions,” he said.

'We shall not condone any attempts to legitimise LGBTQ' - Kenya deputy president warns

Homosexuality is largely illegal in most parts of the continent, and those involved face prison terms. Kenya has a strong LGBTQ+ community that often protests to highlight their plight.

Recent events in the country showcase Kenya’s LGBT advocacy campaign. The gruesome murder of a prominent LGBTQ fashion designer, Edwin Chiluba, and the Supreme Court ruling allowing LGBTQ groups to be legally registered under Kenyan law.


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