Lagos Ranks Above Dubai, Miami, Emerges 19th Best City in 2024: Time Out’s Glowing Endorsement


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In a surprising turnaround, Lagos has secured its position as the 19th best city to visit globally in 2024, outshining renowned destinations such as Dubai and Miami. The accolade comes from Time Out, a leading publication known for its city guides and magazines.

The ranking, derived from a comprehensive survey of over 20,000 city dwellers worldwide and insights from Time Out’s network of editors, positions Lagos as a vibrant and alluring destination. Notably, Lagos shares the spotlight with only two other African cities—Cape Town, South Africa, ranked second, and Accra, Ghana, securing the 44th spot.


Time Out’s evaluation encompassed various criteria, including the quality and affordability of food, cultural richness, nightlife, the overall atmosphere of the city, community vibes, access to green spaces, historic sites, and more.

The report encourages global citizens to explore the unique offerings of Lagos, describing it as Africa’s most populous city with something for everyone. It highlights the ongoing expansion, exemplified by the live-work-play concept of Eko Atlantic City and the booming district of Epe on the north side of Lekki Lagoon.

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The report sheds light on Lagos’s commendable standard of living, with impressive statistics: 96% of locals express happiness, 98% find the state beautiful, and the city receives a 92% friendliness rating.

Specific locales within the economic giant of Nigeria receive special mention, including Victoria Island for its trifecta of swanky resorts, food haunts, and nightlife; Ikeja’s Kuti’s Bistro, owned by the legendary afrobeat family, for consistently serving delicious food; and Oniru Beach as a relaxation spot.

This recognition marks a significant contrast to 2023 when the Economist Intelligence Unit labeled Lagos as the fourth-worst city to live in globally. Lagos now stands triumphantly above cities such as Algiers, Tripoli, and Damascus, showcasing its resilience and positive trajectory.

As Time Out’s ranking places Lagos among the best cities to visit, it further solidifies the city’s reputation as a vibrant, diverse, and culturally rich destination, drawing global attention to its unique charm. Lagosians and visitors alike can revel in the acknowledgment of their city as it stands proudly among the top 20 cities in the world for 2024.


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