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“I Will Be Coming To Ghana Soon To Work With Ghanaian Artists,” Nicki Minaj Announces On Instagram


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Nicki Minaj will come to Ghana to work on a project with a Ghanaian artist. In her live IG session, she answered a question about the likelihood of visiting Ghana, while confirming that she intends to visit the West African country.

The esteemed rapper said she already has plans to visit Ghana and wouldn’t hesitate to fly when the time comes.

Nicki Minaj’s good news for Ghanaians was that she would also do business with a Ghanaian artist when she finally lands, or probably even before she comes to Ghana.

Nicki minaj

“I would like to come to Ghana. I can do something important, a business situation, with an artist from Ghana,” she revealed.

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Ghana has already attracted celebrities and personalities from all over the world in recent years.

People like Steve Harvey, Kendrick Lamar, Cardi B, and Usher have all been to Ghana, so it would be a great honor for Nicki Minaj to step foot in the beautiful West African nation.

Similarly, Meek Mill who happens to be the rapper’s ex-lover announced his big Ghana performance in December on the Afro Nation Ghana stage. The show announced its Phase 2 lineup, which expanded to include Meek Mill and Nigeria’s Asake.

“I Will Be Coming To Ghana Soon To Work With Ghanaian Artists,” Nicki Minaj Announces On Instagram

Two years ago, the American rapper expressed a desire to come to Ghana and possibly buy a house in the African country. This announcement followed Kelvin “pjkev” Mensah’s visit to Ghana during the Year of Return campaign to welcome Africans and blacks in the diaspora back to their Ghanaian roots.


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