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Nicki Minaj Faces Potential Damages of $750,000 Over Husband’s Alleged Attack On A Security Guard


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Nicki Minaj and her husband Kenneth Petty have been sued for $750,000 after he allegedly assaulted a security guard who was part of his squad.

In late January 2022, The Blast reported that Petty and Nicki were being sued for assaulting a bodyguard named Thomas Weidenmüller living in Germany. 

He sued the rapper for assault and emotional distress.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, Weidenmüller claimed he worked as security chief for Nicki’s Gala 2019 in Frankfurt. 

Nicki minaj

That was the show where a fan jumped onto the stage past the bodyguards and Nicki didn’t like it.

The documents read: “concert-goer breached a security barricade dividing the audience from the stage and was able to get on stage while Minaj was performing.  In obtaining access to the stage, the concert-goer bypassed a female security guard stationed at the stairs leading to the stage.”

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A newly filed court document obtained by The Blast put the dollar amount for damages at a shocking $753,958.51.

The guard on the original file claimed Nicki was unharmed but overreacted.

Nicki Minaj Faces Potential Damages of $750,000 Over Husband’s Alleged Attack On A Security Guard

Security claims they were confronted by Nicki, Kenneth and some of their entourage after the show.

They noted that Nicki and her team “were angry during the confrontation and yelled at the security guard and accused them of putting Minaj in physical danger.” 


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