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Pregnant Nigerian Woman Faces Prison Time Following Critical Review of Tomato Puree


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Chioma Okoli, a 39-year-old businesswoman from Lagos, Nigeria, finds herself embroiled in a legal battle that could potentially lead to up to seven years of imprisonment. Her crime? A critical review of a can of tomato puree produced by Nigerian food maker Erisco Foods, which led to allegations of damaging the company’s business.

The controversy began when Okoli shared her negative assessment of Erisco’s Nagiko Tomato Mix on Facebook, inviting her 18,000 followers to share their opinions. Describing the product as “too sweet,” Okoli’s comment sparked a firestorm of responses, with one commenter urging her to refrain from criticizing the product publicly.Pregnant Nigerian Woman Faces Prison Time Following Critical Review of Tomato Puree

Undeterred, Okoli defended her stance, stating, “Help me advise your brother to stop killing people with his product, yesterday was my first time of using and it’s pure sugar.” Little did she know that her outspokenness would lead to dire consequences.

In September, while attending church, Okoli was apprehended by plainclothes officers from Nigeria’s national police force. Recounting her ordeal to CNN, she described being held in a leaky cell for hours, standing in water that seeped in from the leaking roof, with no seats available.

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Now facing criminal charges, Okoli stands accused of conspiring to incite public disapproval against Erisco Foods, which carries a potential seven-year prison sentence. Additionally, she is charged with spreading false information about the company, punishable by up to three years in prison and a hefty fine.

In a twist of fate, Okoli finds herself entangled in a legal battle against both the police and Erisco Foods. The company has filed a civil lawsuit against her, seeking substantial damages for alleged business losses resulting from her negative remarks.

However, Okoli refuses to back down, launching two countersuits against the police and Erisco Foods. She portrays her struggle as a David vs. Goliath scenario, denouncing the aggressive behavior of Erisco’s CEO, Eric Umeofia, who publicly disclosed her address during an interview.Nigeria

Criticism of the handling of Okoli’s case has mounted both domestically and internationally, with human rights groups condemning the harassment and intimidation she has faced. Amnesty International has called for an end to the mistreatment of Okoli, highlighting the need for justice and accountability in her case.

As the legal battle unfolds, Okoli remains steadfast in her fight for justice, determined to stand up against what she perceives as injustice and intimidation from powerful entities.


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