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Nigerian Artist Olaolu Slawn to Design 2024 FA Cup Trophy for English FA


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The English Football Association (FA) has chosen Nigerian-born artist Olaolu Slawn to craft the design for the coveted 2024 FA Cup trophy. Slawn, a London-based artist and designer, revealed the news through the official SHFL account (@whatsonshuffle) on Thursday, May 9, 2024.Nigerian Artist Olaolu Slawn to Design 2024 FA Cup Trophy for English FA

The forthcoming final showdown is set to take place between Manchester City and Manchester United on Saturday, May 25, 2024, at Wembley Stadium.

Renowned for his innovative artistic vision, Slawn previously left an indelible mark on trophy design with his creation of the prestigious Brit Award trophy in 2023. With this latest commission, Slawn adds another milestone to his illustrious career, further solidifying his status as a trailblazer in the artistic realm.

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Olaolu SlawnSlawn’s selection represents a departure from tradition, infusing the FA Cup trophy with fresh perspective and contemporary flair. Drawing on his diverse influences and artistic sensibilities, Slawn is poised to redefine the visual identity of one of football’s most iconic symbols.

As the first Nigerian-born artist entrusted with the design of the FA Cup trophy, Slawn continues to push boundaries and challenge conventions in the world of art and design. His multifaceted talents encompass not only trophy design but also encompass contemporary painting, skateboarding, and fashion entrepreneurship.Nigerian Artist Olaolu Slawn to Design 2024 FA Cup Trophy for English FA

Shaping the Future of Football

The collaboration between the FA and Olaolu Slawn heralds a new chapter in the storied history of the FA Cup. By infusing the trophy with his distinctive style and creative vision, Slawn promises to deliver a design that resonates with football fans worldwide and leaves an enduring legacy for generations to come.


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