Pape Diouf, A Surfing Pioneer: Produces Locally Made Surfboards in Senegal


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Pape Diouf, a young entrepreneur from Senegal, has made history by creating the first locally-made surfboards in his country.

Diouf, 27, is a surfer himself and was inspired to make this move after realizing that most surfers in Senegal had to import their boards from other countries.

He saw an opportunity to not only fulfill the local demand for surfboards but also to create job opportunities for his fellow citizens.

“Ever since I was a little boy, I have dreamed of making my own board,” said Diouf, who opened his business “Sunugal Surfboard Repair” in 2020 with funds he earned from participating in an entrepreneurship competition.

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Diouf’s Senegalese made Surfboards, has also attracted international attention, with surfers from all over the world interested in purchasing his boards. This is a significant accomplishment, as it showcases the potential for local businesses to thrive and compete on a global scale.

Pape Diouf’s boards sell for about 250,000 CFA francs ($422), which includes the cost of materials such as fibreglass that he has to import from Europe. He personalizes some by decorating them with African fabrics.

He believes that his success can inspire other entrepreneurs in Senegal to pursue their dreams and create opportunities for themselves and their communities. He hopes to expand his business and create more jobs in the future while continuing to promote surfing in Senegal and beyond.

The young Senegalese is a trailblazer, and his entrepreneurial spirit is an inspiration to many. His locally made surfboards not only meet the needs of the local surfing community but also highlight the potential for economic growth and innovation in Senegal.


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