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Nigeria’s Port Harcourt Oil Refinery Nears Operational Revival: Test Runs to Conclude This Month


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Nigeria’s state-owned oil firm NNPC Ltd is on the brink of a significant milestone as it anticipates completing test runs at the Port Harcourt refinery this month. This development marks a crucial step towards bringing the refinery back into operation, five years after its closure.

NNPC spokesperson Femi Soneye confirmed the progress, stating, “Testing will conclude shortly, ensuring the refinery’s efficient operation. That phase will be completed this month.” The Port Harcourt refinery, currently undergoing an extensive upgrade, is poised to initiate operations by processing 60,000 barrels per day. NNPC envisions reaching the full capacity of 210,000 barrels per day later this year.

Port harcourt

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The revival of the Port Harcourt refinery is part of the Nigerian government’s broader initiative to reinvigorate state-owned refineries that have remained inactive for years. This strategic effort aims to reduce Nigeria’s dependence on imported refined products, fostering greater self-sufficiency and stability in the country’s oil and gas sector.

Port Harcourt joins a list of state-owned refineries undergoing revitalization, symbolizing a pivotal move towards achieving energy security and promoting economic resilience. The successful completion of test runs this month signifies a significant breakthrough in the journey to revitalize the refinery, offering renewed prospects for local production and reducing the nation’s reliance on imported fuel.


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