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Rabat hosts 8th MOCA festival to promote Africa’s cultural industry


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Rabat, the African Capital of Culture, recently hosted the eighth Movement Of Creative Africas (MOCA) festival, aiming to promote Africa’s cultural industry and enhance its economic growth.

With Africa representing only one percent of the world’s Cultural and Creative Industries, the festival sought to change this disparity by showcasing the continent’s stories, dance, talent, and artistic production.

Alain Bidjeck, the founder of MOCA, expressed the festival’s objective of promoting African culture and challenging the stereotypes and perceptions often associated with the continent.

Rabat hosts 8th MOCA festival to promote Africa's cultural industry

By highlighting Africa’s cultural richness, Bidjeck aimed to inspire a new perspective and appreciation for the continent’s contributions to the global creative landscape.

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Representing 46 countries, the festival brought together artists, entrepreneurs, and industry decision-makers.

It served as a platform for workshops, meetings, and shows, fostering creativity and cultural entrepreneurship across Africa. The event attracted participants from both the continent and beyond, creating opportunities for collaboration and networking.

Mani Nordine, the Moroccan-born president of the American Artists Company, emphasized the importance of African youth in driving cultural production.Rabat hosts 8th MOCA festival to promote Africa's cultural industryRecognizing their potential as the future of the continent, Nordine urged African youth to take action and play an active role in shaping the cultural landscape.

The MOCA festival in Rabat not only celebrated Africa’s cultural heritage but also aimed to fuel economic growth by showcasing the vast creative potential within the continent.

By providing a space for artistic expression, collaboration, and entrepreneurship, the festival contributed to a collective effort to elevate Africa’s cultural industry on the global stage.


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