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Tems Offers Producer 1million To Stop Spinning Negative Narrative About Her


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Tems, the acclaimed Nigerian singer, found herself embroiled in controversy as rumors circulated regarding her involvement in Future’s track “Wait for U,” featuring Drake. The drama unfolded on social media platform X (formerly Twitter) as the producer ATL Jacob claimed that Tems initially refused to clear the sample of her song “Higher” used in the track.

In an interview clip shared by Tems’ manager, Muyiwa Awoniyi, ATL Jacob alleged that Tems declined to clear the sample until Future intervened, urging Drake to encourage her to do so. Jacob further stated that when they met at the Grammys last year, where “Wait for U” received a Best Melodic Rap Performance award, he felt Tems was “irritated” with the song. The producer asserted that he approached Tems about potential collaboration, but it did not materialize, without detailing her response.

Awoniyi took to X to dispute these claims, stating, “Every single word uttered here is untrue. You even made up scenarios that never happened. It is shocking how someone can be so bold yet so wrong. Highly disappointing, do better.”


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Jacob responded to Awoniyi’s post, expressing his disappointment in the negative reaction. However, Awoniyi reiterated that the record was cleared immediately, refuting claims of a conversation at the Grammys and denying any involvement of Drake in the clearance process.

Tems eventually commented on Jacob’s X post, reposting it with the caption, “I LOVE THIS STORY. Look at the phrasing. Magnificent.”

The exchange continued with Jacob insisting he did not speak negatively about Tems, and Awoniyi asserting that the described interactions never occurred, emphasizing that they were recorded in HD.

As of now, representatives for ATL Jacob, Tems, and Drake have not responded to requests for comment. A representative for Future declined to comment on the matter. The controversy adds a layer of tension to the narrative surrounding the collaborative track, leaving fans and followers curious about the behind-the-scenes dynamics within the music industry.


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