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The AMVCA Voting Category, a Lie That Must Stop and The Obvious Snub of Kunle Remi


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After what was an interesting show, one that obviously checks every box for its beauty, the talent of its hosts and the incredible ability of its performers, the African magic viewers choice awards came as a tornado in a calm entertainment landscape and became the “bone of contention” in dozens of conversations.

Interestingly, a controversial discussion brewed among fans and it circled around the idea of the voting categories for the awards and the possible nominations that were intentionally excluded or perhaps, “carefully ignored.”

Needless to say that this very “controversial” issues noted in what would have been a perfect award show, revolves around certain characters; the snubbing of some, the over-extension and satisfaction of some and the compensation of others.

Movies such as Anikulapo a beautifully written and compelling story put together by one of the greatest minds in Africa’s Film Industry, Kunle Afolayan, swept awards. Like a land mine, it called attention, stole it, and was the very “star film” for the night. Agesinkole by Femi Adebayo also did incredibly and so did Brotherhood and Shanty town.

The AMVCA Voting Category, a Lie That Must Stop and The Obvious Snub of Kunle Remi

It would be quite difficult to highlight all that fans claimed was wrong with the show but perhaps it’s safe to draw out a reasonable scale where Kunle Remi’s absence takes priority.

Kunle Remi a star who has put in incredible work in his growth in a rather competitive industry, has seen himself rise beyond the expectations of most. A lead actor in several hit movies, the young man has worked so hard he beat an uncomfortable “tag” and took his shine to the next level when he became “Saro” in Anikulapo.

While others played their role quite perfectly in AMVCA’s star movie, Remi stood out and for good reason. However, he was neither nominated nor was his contribution to the amazing work of Kunle Afolayan appreciated beyond tweets of praise by fans.

This simple or not so simple act by the show organizers left a sour taste in the mouths of fans, leaving the unfortunate question of the credibility of the award show on the lips of dozens of people.

Sadly, it is difficult not to associate Remi’s snub to the controversial interview he granted where he seemed to have called out an “homosexual senior colleague” who apparently demanded sex for roles. While it is impossible to truly determine, a fishy smell, must mean that a fish is a close.

In what scale and what method was the nomination curated that it doesn’t include the star of a movie nominated in 15 categories. Well, some would argue that it could be his prowess if placed side by side with others who were nominated. However, this would be a flawed argument considering that the nomination is based on great attempts and we clearly saw Remi put up more than just an attempt.

The Kunle Remi situation puts an obvious dent on the trustworthiness of the event, giving a doubtful impression. Sadly, it got even worse when fans who would often take different sides on social media, began to agree that the voting categories in the show has been over-extended and some categories should simply be left to the judgement of known professionals who could serve as judges.

The AMVCA Voting Category, a Lie That Must Stop and The Obvious Snub of Kunle Remi

In a bid to avoid dimming the bright lights of some winners, it is important to address this without names and specifics of categories.

Top categories in award shows such as that based on film, shouldn’t be left to popular votes. It is unfair and clearly, it sets a “big-brother Naija” type precedent where people are voted not for their skill but for their popularity and that of the movie they were fortunate enough to have starred in.

We truly hope that the show organizers take into consideration, all that has been noted and step up its game. We simply cannot afford to have another “Headies” on our hands. We cannot lose the relevance of this award only to later begin an intense rejuvenation process.

I am Victor Ahonsi(VT.Ahonsi)


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