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Top 8 places to spend the day in Senegal


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Where are the top 8 places to spend the day in Senegal? What fascinates you more?

Would it not be wonderful to take a picture of the pink lake and post it on Instagram as one of the amazing places you have been to around the world.

You are sure to get the keyboard admirers going.

  1. Pink Lake in Senegal

Top 8 places to spend the day in Senegal

The Pink Lake is also known as Lake Rose or Lake Retba. It is one of the most visited places in the country of Senegal.

The lake is famous because it is originally pink and its waters change colours. It is also famous because the Paris-Dakar rally was held here.

This lake changes colour because of the effect of the presence of Dunaliella salina, algae. Many tourists come from all over to see the incredible effect of the pink lake in Senegal.

There is an arrangement to pick you up from your hotel for a tour to show you the history of beautiful Senegal. Always have a tourist guide present with you at all times and three to four hours is enough time to see the landscape and the lake. The effect is electric at night or in the daytime.


  1. Gorée Island

Top 8 places to spend the day in Senegal

A private tour of Gorée Island in an air-conditioned vehicle is always the easier way to feed your eyes with sights and sounds.

Gorée Island has history on its side. It has historical significance associated with the transatlantic trade. It is referred to as “Gorée memory island”. It was made a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1978.

You will make stops at the Gorée slave house, the Dakar Gorée memorial, the Estrée Fort, and the Gorée Beach.

A good tour guide will pick you from your hotel, manage the tour and return you to your hotel.


  1. Day Trip to Dakar and Ngor
Top 8 places to spend the day in Senegal
Shore of the tiny island of NGor in Atlantic ocean. Dakar, Senegal

A day trip to discover Senegal and its lifestyle is a great idea.

A good tour company will have a car rental or a pickup and meet you at your accommodations. Get a professional guide who can help you manage your time and ensure that you see the best of Dakar. Some of these places are Renaissance Monument, the Kermel Market, the Polais de la République and the National Assembly.

You can avoid the busyness of the streets by visiting N’Gor Island. Time spent at tranquil beaches sunbathing, swimming or exploring the village is always a great way to relax. Eat your lunch next to the sea then return to your hotel before nightfall.

  1. Bandia Wildlife Reserve Tour

Top 8 places to spend the day in Senegal

In Senegal, some of the most mesmerizing residents you will see at the Bandia Wildlife Reserve are giraffes, gazelles, herds of antelopes, rhinos and crocodiles.

Touring the Bandia Wildlife Reserve will cost you eight hours in time. Getting a good guide will guarantee you a world of education about the local flora and sauna in Dakar. Your travelling the wilderness in an air-conditioned vehicle will insulate you from the harsh weather while giving you a glimpse of what wildlife in Africa is like.

This reserve has helped save some endangered species by putting them in this wildlife environment. Get set to get some amazing photos that would keep your memories of Dakar alive. Return to your hotel after an exciting day you see the best of Dakar, Senegal.


  1. Dakar: Private City Tour

Top 8 places to spend the day in Senegal

A good tour company has their guide meet you at your hotel and take you to all the major sights of the city and he/she will spend time teaching you about the capital of Senegal and the stories behind this amazing country.

The Renaissance Monument, 49 meters tall statues is a great place to start. Its market is also a showstopper as you can get great quality fruits, veggies, meat, flowers, arts & craft.

Ask the tour guide to take you past the Place of the Republic, the president’s official residence.


  1. DSS Airport to Saly Private Transfer

Top 8 places to spend the day in Senegal

You can also get transferred from the Blaise Diagne International Airport to the capital of Senegal. A comfortable vehicle and a private driver can be arranged if you request it. Even if your flight is late, this service waits an extra hour and a half.

There is WIFI on board so you can comfortably monitor all your arrangements to ensure that all goes well.


  1. DSS Airport to Dakar City Private Transfer

Top 8 places to spend the day in Senegal

For this arrangement, you can conveniently be transported from the airport to Dakar.

The comfort of an air-conditioned vehicle and a private driver cannot be overestimated; the West Africa sunshine is intimidating.

There is an allowance of 90 minutes if your flight is late. Make use of the WIFI to manage your travel arrangements.


  1. Dakar Airport to St Louis Private Transfer

Top 8 places to spend the day in Senegal

This is the same as the previous two above. Get a convenient transfer from the airport to St Louis.

Get an air-conditioned vehicle with a driver who has your name with him on a sign. You have a 90 minutes waiting time attached to this service. Enjoy your time in Senegal.

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