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Travel Africa: 10 Best Beaches in Tanzania

The unique qualities of these beaches are the ambiance and the stories untold behind them.

For example, one of the beaches means ‘I love you’ and another is called ‘Prison Island‘ and yet has never been occupied by prisoners. Journey with us and learn about the beautiful beaches in Tanzania, their significance and their unique features.

Fun is being at the beach during the weekend or if on vacation. Wisdom is knowing the top 10 beaches in Tanzania and which of them suits your particular need.

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This article is useful for tourists who are visiting the country for the first time or for locals who want to travel around Tanzania. There is nothing like the excitement that comes from visiting and checking out a new spot.

The beaches in Tanzania are picturesque and amazing and you should not visit the country and miss one of its greatest features.

The scenery of the beach will astound you. It is just so beautiful.

These beaches are picture perfect and the most popular one of them Zanzibar is a honeymoon getaway and a vacation spot.

Whether you are sunbathing or just hanging out with friends doing fun activities at the beach, some of the best beaches you can ever get the best fun at are found in Tanzania.

You can swim, surf, enjoy the cool atmosphere while having a cool picnic in the shade; you can rest easily in perfect bliss.


Here are ten of the best beaches in Tanzania for your viewing pleasure.

  1. Kendwa Beach
  2. Prison Island
  3. Kipepeo Beach
  4. Mafia Island
  5. Jambiani Beach
  6. Bongoyo Beach
  7. Mbudya Island Beach
  8. Nungwi Beach
  9. Paje Beach
  10. Nakupenda Beach


  1. Kendwa Beach

Tanzania Beaches

You can find the Kendwa beach on the northwestern coastline of Unguja. It is a very energetic beach that attracts many tourists and it is in Zanzibar.

There is quality nightlife on this beach and you can attend the monthly Full Moon Parties, which is a load of fun. It is always party time on the beach until dawn.

Apart from the gains of hanging at the beautiful sun-kissed beach, there are many hotels, bars, and restaurants for all budgets to cater to the party-animal in you. The most flamboyant thing is that you can watch the sunset over the ocean while you eat dinner. It is an unforgettable experience.

Other activities that can occupy your time at the beach in Zanzibar are snorkeling, scuba diving and you get to view the most attractive marine life ever. Tanzania’s beaches are always serene and a little bit of paradise on earth.


  1. Prison Island

Tanzania Beaches

Prison island is surrounded by blue waters and is very small. It is close to Stone Town on Ungunja and visiting this island is a good option for a day trip. It is sometimes called ‘Changuu’ and has many purposes. Throughout history, it has been used as different things. It was once a port for slaves and at other times a quarantine station.

Today, the island is dotted with trees and has a giant tortoise sanctuary at one end. The ruins of the prison have never hosted any prison but it is scattered here and there on the island.

Its striking beach is a perfect spot for snorkeling close to the shore and has amazing views. Prison Island is a great spot to visit when you are in Stone Town. The boat trip that gets you across is entertaining and the journey to the secluded island is something of an adventure.


  1. Kipepeo Beach

Tanzania Beaches

Kipepeo means ‘butterfly’ in Swahili. The beach is delightfully named and the location is a delightful place to spend your time. It is found on the outskirts of Dar Es Salaam. Thus, it is a popular hangout spot for people who need a place to spend a private weekend.

There are traditional vibanda buildings and thatched roofs that are very attractive amidst the palm trees that span around the white sands of the beach.

It has a serene and laidback atmosphere and is ideal for lazing all day at the beach. Once it is evening, the guest moves to the beachside bar, if they want, and drink cocktails as the sun sets on the horizon.


  1. Mafia Island

Tanzania Beaches

Scary name for a perfect place. A dazzling archipelago is off the mainland of Tanzania, it lies to the south of Dar Es Salaam. It is a jewel and a prized spot because of its beautiful scenery and relaxed pace of life.

Most people prefer Zanzibar to the Mafia island but the island, although it is not popular it undeveloped and untouched compared to Zanzibar, it has many resorts.

It has its charms and many choose it as a holiday spot. You can scuba dive and snorkel in its waters. It teems with underwater life and its beaches are picture-perfect.


  1. Jambiani Beach

Travel Africa: 10 Best Beaches in Tanzania

This perfect water body lies along the coast of Paje beach. It is a fantastic spot and perfect for sitting, back, and relaxing to enjoy the beautiful scenery. It is a small village with few hotels, restaurants, and lodges. The seafood on the menu is always scintillating.

Many people who come to Lambiani beach want to lie down on their beach towels and laze around for the day. Going for a boat ride on one of the dhows is one of its attractions. Stingray City, which is a few minutes away from the beach, is one of the most impressive diving sites in the area.

Take pictures of stingrays as they gracefully glide around in the ocean. On top of this, guests can take cooking classes, join cultural tours and learn about village life.

Hiking in the Jozani forest is a plus and when you catch a glimpse of the monkeys in the tree, be sure to take a snapshot.


  1. Bongoyo Beach

Travel Africa: 10 Best Beaches in Tanzania

Snorkeling and sunbathing are two of the activities that you can carry out when you visit Bongoyo beach.

It is a popular spot and it is often day trips using a boat ride from Dar Es Salaam. Locals and foreigners alike love to visit this beach.

The scenic island is a part of the Dar Es Salaam Marine Reserve and so the spot is unspoiled and untouched. It is virgin land.

It is uninhabited and so you cannot spend the night at the beach. You can bring your own food and drinks or visit the few beach bars that have refreshments for sale.

The beach is covered with trees, has some rock spots, and the two beaches attached together are totally incredible.


  1. Mbudya Island Beach

Travel Africa: 10 Best Beaches in Tanzania

The Mbudya Beach lies off the coast of Tanzania and is a day trip. You are a 20-minute boat ride away from Dar Es Salaam.

This beach is ideal for those who want to escape the busyness of the streets. The beach offers a welcome reprieve and it is as beautiful as any beach in Tanzania.

With its pearly white sand that contrasts with the clear turquoise of the water, you cannot beat this spot. The waters surround some of the most beautiful coral reefs ever seen. An obvious activity is snorkeling and viewing colorful fish for eternity. A beach shack serves delicacies for guests and tourists.


  1. Nungwi Beach

Travel Africa: 10 Best Beaches in Tanzania

It has a stunning setting on the northern tip of the island. It is a fantastic place to lounge on and has a relaxed and earthy vibe. The bright white sands of the Nungwi Beach border the sparkling Indian Ocean and the waters are warm and perfect for swimming.

The sunsets are spectacular and the water is in many colors of impressive oranges, yellows, and reds. The fleets of dhows (fishing boats) spot the water and it is perfect for fishing at night. Their sails are delightful against the sunset and make for the best photos.

This beach has restaurants and comfortable accommodation options. There are also a good number of bars.

Tourists and guests often scuba dive. Mnembe and the Haunted Walls are some of the nearby underwater side attractions.


  1. Paje Beach

Travel Africa: 10 Best Beaches in Tanzania

This is a peaceful getaway spot and is located in the sleepy village of Paje Beach. You can find it on the east coast of Unguja and if you love the quiet, this place is perfect for you.

It is one hour from Stone Town and is an idyllic Beach with perfect turquoise waters that surround its dazzling white sand and palm trees. These provide shade from the hot sun.

Hidden along the coast, it has some amazing restaurants and hotels. It is a favorite spot for kite surfers and you can see them speed across the warm waters when the wind hits it.

One of the most fantastic things about Paje is that the tide withdraws until the horizon and at low tides, you can walk kilometers into the Indian Ocean and the water remains at your ankles. It is an amazing experience and particularly thrilling at night. Tanzania Beaches are the best and on Paje Beach, you can feel the moon on the water and its shimmering glow.


  1. Nakupenda Beach

Travel Africa: 10 Best Beaches in Tanzania

One of the best beaches in Stone Town is Nakupenda Beach. This beach means I love you, in Swahili. How romantic!

It is a sandbank that is a very short trip away from Zanzibar, the capital of Tanzania.

From traipsing on the white sands to gazing on the Indian Ocean, you are sure to have the best experience ever. You can swim or snorkel here and the turquoise waters just call to you. One small tip to keep in mind is the usefulness of a parasol since there is no shade on the sandbank.

Sunbath on the seashore, hang out in the beach bars, and watch the sunset. Watch out for the boat trip back to Stone Town, it is one of those memorable moments.

Armed with detailed information on the best beaches in Tanzania, I think it’s time to explore Tanzania.

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