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Tyler Perry Makes History as First Black Man to Acquire BET and VH1 TV Networks


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Tyler Perry, the renowned actor, writer, and producer, has made history by becoming the first Black man to acquire two major television networks.

In a groundbreaking deal, Perry purchased controlling interests in both BET (Black Entertainment Television) and VH1 for a staggering $400 million.

Perry’s journey to this milestone has been a remarkable one. He initially gained recognition for his stage plays before venturing into the film industry.

Tyler Perry Makes History as First Black Man to Acquire BET and VH1 TV Networks

His collaboration with Lionsgate on the release of “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” opened doors for him, leading to a $200 million sitcom deal with TBS.

Alongside his successful films, Perry’s talent attracted Viacom, who offered him a $150 million annual deal to create content.

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The multitalented entrepreneur had always aspired to own his own television network. In 2007, he launched Tyler TV, an online network, and later expressed his ambitions to establish TPTV while working with TBS.

After joining forces with the OWN and Discovery networks, Perry eventually joined Viacom, striking a unique deal with BET and BET+.

Perry’s interest in acquiring BET intensified when Paramount Global announced the sale of their majority stake in the company.

Tyler Perry Makes History as First Black Man to Acquire BET and VH1 TV Networks

Recent restructuring placed VH1 within the BET Media Group, which Perry promptly seized the opportunity to purchase. With this acquisition, Perry becomes the owner of both BET and VH1, making him the first Black man to possess two major cable channels.

The impact of Perry’s ownership is already evident, as popular reality series “Love & Hip Hop” has made the move from VH1 to MTV, aligning with Perry’s vision for the networks.

This groundbreaking achievement solidifies Perry’s influence and paves the way for more diverse representation in the media industry.


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