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18-Year-Old Ugandan Student Receives Acceptance Letters from 120 U.S. Colleges


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An 18-year-old Ugandan student, Helms Atekega, has garnered significant attention from prestigious U.S. colleges, receiving acceptance letters from 120 schools. Atekega, who achieved a 3.94 grade point average, has been one of the most sought-after candidates in the country, according to KTVU.

Atekega, a senior at Head Royce, a private high school in Oakland, began his academic journey when he immigrated to the U.S. from Uganda five years ago. Despite facing cultural and educational challenges in his new environment, Atekega attributes his success to the unwavering support from his parents and grandparents.

18-Year-Old Ugandan Student Receives Acceptance Letters from 120 U.S. Colleges
Ategeka shows some of his acceptence documents

“I feel very lucky that I was well-prepared. I had a wonderful guidance counselor and parents who were supportive of this whole process,” Atekega stated.

Atekega and his father, Chris, recently celebrated the student’s achievement with a suitcase full of college acceptance letters and scholarships. The 18-year-old also believes his success is partly due to his passion for music, which he has pursued since a young age.

“It gives me confidence in everything I’ve tried, in all the academic realms I’m interested in,” Atekega said. “I definitely always come back to music and singing. That’s sort of my safe haven.”18-Year-Old Ugandan Student Receives Acceptance Letters from 120 U.S. Colleges

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Among the numerous acceptance letters was one from UC Berkeley, a university that holds special significance to Atekega’s family. His father, Chris, is an alumnus and a tech entrepreneur. Despite this connection, Chris emphasized that his son’s decision to attend the university was not influenced by his own background.

“I gave him encouragement to follow his dreams, not go to Berkeley specifically,” Chris explained.

Atekega plans to major in music and minor in global studies at UC Berkeley, aligning his academic pursuits with his passion for music and his ambition to make a positive impact on the world. As he prepares to graduate from high school on June 8, Atekega offered advice to his peers: “Keep your head up, go for it, prevail, and don’t let all the noise get to you.”Ugandan

In addition to his academic achievements, Atekega is a member of the Pacific Boy Choir Academy in Oakland. This summer, he will travel with the choir to perform in Peru before starting his classes at UC Berkeley in mid-August.

Atekega’s remarkable accomplishments and determination serve as an inspiration to students everywhere, demonstrating the power of perseverance, support, and following one’s passion.


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