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World Bank demands timely completion of infrastructure projects in Western Uganda


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The World Bank has ordered contractors in western Uganda to complete their projects on schedule.

Stephen John Ajalu, the World Bank’s senior urban development specialist, said in a statement that contractors, particularly in Kapale Township, at the start of an inspection “must ensure ongoing work remains within agreed project timelines”.

This would make more money available and avoid scenarios where money would flow back to the Consolidated Fund due to insufficient funding.

A World Bank mission is now in western Uganda to assess the status of some of the $360 million projects funded there by the Additional Financing Initiative to Support Municipal Infrastructure Development (USMID).

World Bank demands timely completion of infrastructure projects in Western Uganda

In order to improve the road infrastructure and other facilities in these places, the initiative runs several projects in cities, communities, and regions that host refugees.

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The overall objective of the audit is to assess the status of various activities, including infrastructure, the impact of depleted resources on activity implementation, identifying discontinued activities and planned actions to resume implementation, and evaluating fiduciary aspects such as financial status, pending bids, and administration of contracts.

Reviewing the management of guarantees in all ongoing infrastructure projects, tracking the progress of other sub-activities being carried out under the refugee window, assessing the effectiveness of institutional support to the state ministry and discussing plans and activities to complete the program on December 31st are additional activity factors to consider.

World Bank demands timely completion of infrastructure projects in Western Uganda

Kabale Mayor Mr. Sentaro Byamujisha called on the World Bank to commit to the expeditious completion of projects it finances during the review process, stressing that delays in road infrastructure have a multiplier effect on business.

He stated that delays in road construction resulting in open drains and dust should not be tolerated as they endanger both the economy and public health.


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