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Zanzibar Teams Up with Chelsea for Tourism Promotion


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Zanzibar, the picturesque island nation, has set its sights on becoming a top global tourist destination through a strategic partnership with English football giants Chelsea. Following in the footsteps of Rwanda’s collaboration with Arsenal, Zanzibar’s government has entered into a promotional deal with Chelsea Football Club to elevate its tourism sector.

President Hussein Mwinyi hosted a significant meeting at Zanzibar’s state house on February 1st with Chelsea’s Head of Global Sales, Barnes Hampel, and his delegation. The discussions focused on collaborative efforts to enhance Zanzibar’s tourism industry and foster sports development, particularly through initiatives like football academies.


As the partnership unfolds, both Zanzibar and Chelsea envision leveraging the influence and global reach of football to showcase the island’s unique attractions. The move echoes the successful collaboration between Rwanda and Arsenal, where a “Visit Rwanda” campaign was initiated in 2018.

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Zanzibar’s proactive approach aligns with its goal of attracting international visitors, and the partnership with Chelsea is expected to yield mutual benefits. Chelsea’s Head of Sales, Mr. Hampel, is scheduled to continue his tour of the nation, including a visit to the mainland, where discussions on sports development initiatives are anticipated.

Zanzibar Teams Up with Chelsea for Tourism Promotion

In a parallel to Rwanda’s strategic alliance with Arsenal, Zanzibar aims to capitalize on the popularity and global fanbase of Chelsea to boost its tourism revenue. The Rwandan-Arsenal partnership, characterized by the “Visit Rwanda” campaign and financial contributions to the football club, showcased the potential for collaboration between football and tourism.

As Zanzibar charts a course for increased visibility on the global stage, the partnership with Chelsea reflects a forward-thinking strategy to tap into the widespread appeal of football for the benefit of its tourism industry. The island nation is determined to showcase its cultural richness and natural beauty, and this collaboration with Chelsea is a significant step towards achieving that goal.


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