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25 Best Valentine Gifts for Him and Her without Breaking the Bank


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Love is generosity towards another person and Valentine is a great opportunity to show this love. Expressing your love is often in sacrificial giving, to make another person happy. Love is thinking of another person more than you think of yourself. It is the art of doing good all the days of your life. Love is beautiful and sharing is rewarding for both the giver and the receiver.

Valentine is a time to make your significant other feel extra-special. Grand gestures and big presents are great. The most important thing about Valentine is spending time together with the one your heart loves.

On Valentine Day, a thoughtful card is always a win. The right message on a Valentine card can communicate love so well that the one who is loved remembers the words forever.

The right message is one of the simplest things that you can do because all you need to do is communicate your heart to the one that you love.

Following the interest of your significant other is a good pointer to making them feel special. If they love food, breakfast in bed or a fancy well-thought-of dinner at home is something that will touch their heart. A virtual cooking class for a memorable meal is also a valuable present.

For the practical ones, an order of Chinese take-out or pizza that are heart-shaped and then hours of cuddling on the sofa at home, and watching romantic movies is the perfect gift.


If you want to be more creative than the above on ways to spend Valentine’s Day showing your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend how much you care, study 25 ways to choose a gift that communicates your love for them.

Play a game

You can play any board game of your choice. You can also try couple’s games with themes such as Talk, Flirt, Dare, or Our Moments.

Create a special playlist

Create a list of your favorite songs on your favorite streaming device and play it for yourselves as you wake up in the morning. Drink wine, turn the music on, and take a walk down memory lane.

Go hiking

25 Best Valentine Gifts for Him and Her without Breaking the Bank

Going on a hike on Valentine’s Day is a great way to unwind and just enjoy the day. Discover your favorite haunts and enjoy your time hiking. Great company makes a great hiking experience.

Volunteer together

If you are both passionate about causes, volunteering together is a great way to spend time together. Sign up to volunteer at an old people’s home, orphanage, or prison. This is guaranteed to make you feel connected to each other and your community.

Take a class together

Learning something new with your significant other is a great way to bond. Learn to create cocktails with a well-known mixologist with street credibility. Learn the skills you need and become each other’s preferred bartender. You can take some time out to learn a skill. You can learn to dance, cook or play golf via an online class.

Take a tour around your town

25 Best Valentine Gifts for Him and Her without Breaking the Bank

Time is precious. Visit special places around your town and have a picnic. Or visit the museum and get some lunch in between your sightseeing event. Enjoy touring the amazing places in your locality and check off your bucket list items. Take pictures all day and enjoy your Valentine’s Day outing.

Make a scrapbook of your love life

Get a scrapbook where you record the significant words, thoughts, and pictures from the different milestones of your relationship. It promises to be a fun activity and something that communicates to your heart what is worth keeping. Share the things that are close to your heart in this book.

Bake something and indulge your sweet tooth

Love is patience with another. Bake some pastries preferably something yummy. This is an activity that makes the time spent together meaningful. The reward is in the eating.

Serve breakfast in bed

Prepare the favorite meal of your spouse or significant other and serve them with a tray, so they can enjoy it in bed. This is a great change of pace from the normal hum of the morning activity.

Go for a drive

25 Best Valentine Gifts for Him and Her without Breaking the Bank

Sometimes you need a destination and other times you do not. All you need is to be driving with the one who makes your heart happy. Fill up your tanks; get out of your comfort zone and drive. Look out for amazing places to stop and take in the scenery.

Enjoy tasting wine and chocolates

Wine and chocolates are some of the best catalysts that stimulate your senses. They are delicious and they are great together. Get a guide to help you know what the best elements you should mix are. You can also create your own mix. There are also wine appreciation classes online that you can take advantage of.

Play hooky

Games are wonderful for breaking the ice. Take the day off and practice some TLC – tender loving care on your significant other. Do breakfast in bed, lunch at the park, and binge-watch movies at night. Take a walk down memory lane and share your thoughts when you just met and how you fell in love.

Cook dinner together

Make a special home-cooked meal for yourselves. This is more romantic than eating out at a busy restaurant. Even when you are not an excellent chef, making dinner for your spouse will give your significant other a memorable dinner.

Write love letters to yourself

25 Best Valentine Gifts for Him and Her without Breaking the Bank

Write love letters to yourself all through the day. Get colorful paper with a romantic feel that will cause your loved one to feel happy. Write your feelings and share your emotions on the qualities you admire, why you fell in love with them, and how they are the most important person to you.

Binge-watch your favorite movies

Binge-watch your favorite movies. Make popcorn and occupy your couch in preparation for an evening of all your favorite romantic comedies.

Exchange gifts

25 Best Valentine Gifts for Him and Her without Breaking the Bank

Buy thoughtful gifts. It is not all about presents but love gives. Giving and receiving affection satisfies the hearts of both parties. Take note of the hints that your significant other may be giving to get a clue on what they want on this special day. You can also pair a DIY Valentine card with a simple and heartfelt gift.

Have a themed date night

You can design a Parisian date night for Valentine’s Day. Make piquant crepes coupled with a bottle of wine and put on romantic music to set the tone. You can also create Bedouin tents to follow the Arabian themes and their spicy dishes. Whatever rocks the boat of your significant other should be your focus.

Use rose petals to plan a treasure hunt

Create a treasure hunt for your partner. If your partner loves to receive gifts, this should be your priority. Use the rose petals to give your partner clues, write notes, leaves several gifts, and have the grand finale at a dinner table where you have their favorite meal. This is an ideal idea if you plan to propose.

Plan a trip

Visit your favorite places and do lunch there. Pick a destination your partner loves as a romantic getaway. You can use one day or a 3-day weekend as your spot. Get out of your comfort zone and do something meaningful.

Make a bubble bath

There is nothing like a bubble bath in the honeymoon suite of your favorite hotel to get you feeling special. You can surround the tub with lighted candles and sprinkle rose petals around the bathroom and in the tub, added with a tray of your favorite fruits and a glass of champagne within reach.

Make music together

25 Best Valentine Gifts for Him and Her without Breaking the Bank

Music is the sound of love. So they say. Even if you cannot carry a tune, sing for each other. Singing for each other is something lovers do to express their deepest affection for the one their heart loves. Get a list of your favorite love songs and sing them to each other. Singing Karaoke is a great way to spend your time together on Valentine’s Day.

Make your meals heart-shaped

Customize your snacks. Cut your pizza or meat pie or pancakes in heart shapes. Make your meals and serve them in a heart shape on your plate to celebrate the love you feel for your significant other. Let your imagination go wild.

You can also simply order heart-shaped pizza or food that is ready-made into heart shapes to make your Valentine’s Day special for your loved one.

Drink wine and share your heart

Open your best wine and share your heart as you work on becoming more intimate with your significant other. Talk about everything and anything. Ask the funniest questions or the deepest question you can think of. Just have fun.

Give your partner a massage

25 Best Valentine Gifts for Him and Her without Breaking the Bank

Get a bottle of massage oil, light candles, and play your best music in the background as you serenade your significant other. Spend some time giving your significant other one of the best times of their lives. They will usually return the favor.

Create a bucket list of the things you want to do

Write down your bucket list of things to do together. You can add vacations and activities that are fun and new to you. Spend Valentine Day ticking off some of them and schedule the rest of them for specific dates in the year.

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