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A Nicki Minaj Course Studying Her Influence To Be Taught At University of California


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The University of California, Berkeley will honor singer and rapper Nicki Minaj in a special way. Starting in the spring semester of 2023, the university plans to introduce a new African-American Studies course in honor of the world-renowned artist.

The information was shared on Twitter by the professor responsible for the course, Paz e Amor L. Henson.

According to the university’s Academic Guide, the course is titled Nicki Minaj: The Black Barbie Feminism and Hip Hop Feminism.

Nicki minaj

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Love & Peace L. Henson, a postdoctoral fellow in Black Studies, believes the new curriculum will encourage critical reflection on Nicki’s broader historical and social structures and presentations in the context of hip-hop feminism. A Twitter user named Tamir tagged Nikki in a tweet about a course at the university.

Responding to the news, Nikki wrote: “I love to stay.” El Henson thanked Nicky’s fans for encouraging her to build a class around the singer, sometimes called “Barbuzz.”

A Nicki Minaj Course Studying Her Influence To Be Taught At University of California

The professor expressed joy as she wrote: “Barbuzz: Thank you for your love and interest in my class! Words cannot express my enthusiasm and appreciation for all your support. I am so excited and looking forward to seeing more. I look forward to sharing the details as soon as they are ready. “


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