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African-American Designer Creates Coin To Celebrate Juneteenth For Black Persons


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In commemoration of the Juneteenth celebration, a federal holiday inspired by Africans in the diaspora, the founder and chief executive officer of Juneteenth Unlimited, Beverly David Robinson has created a special coin, designed solely to celebrate this special federal holiday.

The coin serves as a point of commemoration for the Juneteenth holiday, which in its entirety celebrates black American history, their fight for freedom, and participation in American growth.

The African American designer made the coin of one troy ounce of .999 fine silver, with a need to use this as an inspirational tool for anyone who wants it as a “valuable keepsake” in celebration of the Juneteenth holiday.

The celebration of Juneteenth remains significant to this day in America. Its history dates back to June 19, 1865, a date that marks the very moment the last African-American slaves were freed. The idea of freedom attached to this date has since made it such an important date, especially as the entire month of June is dedicated to the commemoration of African-American history and the sad reality of their past.

Juneteenth Coin

While the coin was created by Robinson as a commemorative object or tool, it also serves as a way to honor the struggle of past African-Americans; the very forefathers and mothers who gave their lives to the struggle for freedom and suffered throughout the history of the trans-Atlantic slavery system.

“Precious metals have proven to have financial stability throughout history,” Robinson said. “This coin will hold its value for present and future generations. It’s time to rejoice and celebrate history with one of these cherished coins,” she added.

The usage of the Swahili term Nahuona, which means “I see you,” makes it an interesting coin. This word on the coin was chosen after much thought and consideration. The Nahuona notion may be one of the most effective ways to express empathy and compassion for our forefathers and for all humanity.

Juneteenth Unlimited is also excited to incorporate a West African Kente textile pattern. On the back is a portrait of Frederick Douglass, a former slave who became a well-known abolitionist.

In addition to remembering the last known day slaves were freed, Juneteenth helps to remind people that humans have a remarkable potential to heal and rise from their darkest circumstances with hope and purpose. This coin symbolizes how people have to rise from the ashes in order to achieve freedom.

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