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Ghana warns public against using cedi notes as gift hampers


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The Central Bank of Ghana has warned the public against using cedi notes as bouquets and hampers when gifting people.

The Central Bank of Ghana has just warned the public not to use cedi notes as decorations in bouquets or baskets when giving gifts to others.

It said the currency was issued to be used as a medium of exchange to buy goods and services.

Ghana warns public against using cedi notes as gift hampers

On Thursday, March 30, 2023, the director of the central bank’s currency department, Dominic Owusu, said any further use of the currency was illegal and would be prosecuted, an online infographic reported.

He said the bank had noticed some people using cedi notes as bouquets and gift baskets at weddings, birthdays and other celebrations, a practice that should be stopped.

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He added that counterfeiting or destroying banknotes is not only against the law but also increases the possibility of damaging or destroying them.

Not only does this result in replacement costs, but it also negatively impacts central bank operations.

Owusu spoke to reporters about preserving the currency amid events marking Ghana’s month of March.

Ghana warns public against using cedi notes as gift hampers

Mr. Owusu’s observations highlighted the harmful effects of mishandling banknotes, which affect not only the economy but also the daily lives of the people of Ghana.

The central bank calls on the public to work together and take responsibility to ensure the continued circulation of banknotes.


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