Houston Man Sentenced for Impersonating Bishop and Deceiving 10 Women Into Marrying Him


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In a startling case of deception, Houston resident Orlando Coleman, 51, has been sentenced to prison for orchestrating marriages with at least 10 women under false pretenses, posing as a bishop.

Coleman’s elaborate scheme involved presenting himself as a clergy member, visiting black churches across the nation, and maintaining an online persona as the founder of various churches and a “Pentecostal preacher.”

However, prosecutors revealed that Coleman’s intentions were far from genuine. Over a span of two decades, he manipulated religious women into marriage for personal gain, exploiting their trust and faith for financial benefits.

Last week, Coleman received a three-year prison sentence after marrying a third woman while on probation for bigamy involving two simultaneous marriages. Bigamy is considered a serious offense in Texas, carrying a potential sentence of up to 10 years.

Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg condemned Coleman’s actions, stating, “At the heart of this repeat offender’s schemes was a plan to defraud women and take advantage of them for financial gain.”

Investigators uncovered Coleman’s trail of deceit, tracing his first marriage back to 2001. He targeted churchgoing women in various states, masquerading as a Protestant pastor or bishop to win their trust.

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Coleman’s strategy typically involved proposing marriage, moving in with the women, and exploiting them for housing and financial support. Assistant District Attorney Vanessa Goussen explained, “Getting proposed to was a big gesture for these women, and that corroborated his guise that he’s a godly person.”

The extent of Coleman’s deception came to light when a Houston woman, unaware of his prior marriages, discovered he was receiving funds from a woman in Virginia. Upon further investigation, it was revealed that Coleman had married the Virginia woman in 2019 and then married the Houston woman shortly after.

Coleman’s fraudulent activities were exposed on Facebook, where multiple profiles listed him as “married” and held titles such as “Presiding Bishop” and “Senior Pastor.” Prosecutors moved to revoke his probation upon discovering his latest marriage, leading to his recent sentencing.Houston

In a letter submitted before his sentencing, Coleman expressed remorse and cited a troubled childhood as a contributing factor to his actions. However, his history of manipulation and deceit has resulted in a significant legal consequence, serving as a cautionary tale against exploitation and dishonesty.


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