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Innosson Unveils New Made In Nigeria Buses To Boost Transportation In The Country


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Nigerian-made automotive brand, Innoson Motors, has unveiled its latest IVM 6571 buses with a luxury label for the open market.

The move is targeted at creating better transportation alternatives for Nigerians and easing traffic congestion in the ever-growing West African nation.

Owned by boss Innocent Chukwuma Nwala, the company is an indigenous automaker based in the state of Anambra.

It is known for its quality design, pattern, and durability. Innoson manufactures various vehicles for private, commercial, and security purposes. These vehicles are natively manufactured using world-class technology.

The company announced on its social media platforms the launch of a new bus that will create a comfortable experience from one destination to another. The new bus is suitable for schools, churches, transport companies and companies.

Accompanying the post, the company said: “You will know a great trip for the comfort you experience while traveling. The IVM 6571 offers convenience everywhere.” The post garnered reactions from netizens who are proud of their achievement.


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Responding to how complicated it is to access locally made products, the company is making vehicle ownership an easy option, making room for installment payments. Innoson’s new buses and other vehicles can be purchased through the company’s vehicle finance program.

Recall that the resilient auto giant, previously announced the installation of an automated bus assembly line at its factory in Nnewi, Anambra state.

Chief Innocent Chukwuma, chairman of the group, speaking at the conclusion of the installation process, said the plant has the capacity to produce up to 15 vehicles a day and more than 5,450 a year.

Innosson Unveils New Made In Nigeria Buses To Boost Transportation In The Country

According to him, “a great advantage of this new plant is that it will reduce production costs, especially for buses in the country”.

He also said his company plans to replicate the success of bus production on its production lines for SUVs, MPVs and sedans.

“Our goal is to ensure that the average Nigerian can buy a new car,” Chukwuma said.
The Southeast Business Office Manager recalls that IVM Nnewi, which was inaugurated by former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan on October 15, 2010, currently has three automated plants in Umudim and Nnewi, both in Anambra.


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