Disney’s Lagos-Based Sci-Fi Series ‘Iwájú’ Heads to DSTV Channel in April


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Excitement brews as Disney’s highly anticipated Lagos-based sci-fi series, Iwájú, gears up to make its debut on the Disney channel on DSTV in April. The announcement, confirmed by Christine Service, the general manager for The Walt Disney Company Africa, comes hot on the heels of the series’ global streaming launch on Disney Plus.

A groundbreaking collaboration between Disney and Nigerian-led Kugali Media, Iwájú marks the first time Walt Disney Animation Studios has partnered with an external entity. The six-part series promises viewers an immersive journey into a futuristic African world, rich with culture, innovation, and captivating storytelling.


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Scheduled to air from April 22 to 26 on DSTV, Iwájú will treat audiences to a marathon on April 27, followed by a repeat broadcast from April 29 to May 4. Another marathon is slated for May 5, culminating in a special airing on Africa Day, May 25, celebrating the continent’s creative excellence.

Reflecting on Disney’s collaboration with Kugali Media, Service highlighted the alignment of storytelling philosophies and shared commitment to quality and innovation. She emphasized the importance of amplifying African narratives and talents, hinting at future collaborations and projects on the horizon.

While Iwájú sets its course for global streaming on Disney Plus starting February 28, its forthcoming debut on DSTV signifies a significant milestone in Disney’s engagement with African audiences. As anticipation mounts, fans eagerly await the opportunity to embark on this groundbreaking adventure into the world of Iwájú, where imagination knows no bounds.


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