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Nightlife in Cameroon – Top 10 fun places for hangouts


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Nightlife in Cameroon - Top 10 fun places for hangouts

THE NIGHTLIFE IN Cameroon is a very interesting one. Residents of Yaoundé and its citizens of the Cameroon find pleasure ‘cooling down’ and hanging out every weekend partying in the best clubs in the city.

It would heartbreaking if you knew what you missed by not checking out the nightlife in Yaoundé Cameroon. Do not visit Cameroon and miss the scintillating nightlife and its delicacies.

With a good number of themed bars and fantastic high-end locations in the Bastos Neighbourhood and in other places, the nightlife in Yaoundé Cameroon is steadily growing.

You can consider many excellent locations when it comes to the question of making the best nightlife in Cameroon. 

Some of the best nightclubs or bars that you can expect to have the best of times in when visit Yaoundé Cameroon are:

Nightlife in Cameroon – Bambou Lounge

If you are looking for a nightclub, a drinking pub, or a snack bar with African details and flavor, Bambou Lounge is the place to be. Be confident that you will have a good time any day of the week, as there is a party every evening in a cosy ambiance and welcoming atmosphere.

With the best DJs in the country, you will get the best selection of top urban sets, and a fun crowd with shisha for those who love the flavour. It is also a popular spot for all the popular musicians in Cameroon. Reservations are available and can be booked via the website.

The club is located at Centre Ville Yaoundé, Region du Centre, and Cameroon. You can find them on Facebook.

Nightlife in Cameroon - Top 10 fun places for hangouts
NightLife in Cameroon – Exploring night life in Cameroon

Nightlife in Cameroon – Circle Club

The Circle Club has a bar, a restaurant, and a nightclub. This Yaounde club attracts African and European clientele and the atmosphere is casual. It is a fascinating escape in the middle of town. It has a small pool where you can hang out and enjoy the sun after taking your shoes off. Its nightclub opens at midnight; the terrace becomes a romantic getaway that is perfect for a party. 

It is located at the Bastos, Yaoundé, 237 Cameroon. You can call to book online. 

Nightlife in Cameroon – Cubana

If you love dancing, Cubana is the place to be. Your best dancing shoes should be reserved for Cubana. Closely located are the Pyramide, Wine Shop, and Biyem-Assi. They sell wine, whiskey, and beer and close in the morning.

The Cubana is located at Biyem-Assi, Quartier du Lac Yaoundé, and Centre, Cameroon, and can be found on Facebook. 

Nightlife in Cameroon - Top 10 fun places for hangouts
Cubana Credit: Facebook

Nightlife in Cameroon – Duchess

The Duchess comes equipped with a bar, a snack bar, a wine bar, and a beautiful African detailed ambience. It is a classy place with a warm ambience suitable for meeting your clients from work or business and your colleagues.

Its unique brand is attractive to clients who love to network and talk business. They have a sleek collection of drinks that include aged wines, whiskies, champagne, and vodka. There are small tables on the terrace where clients who want to sit can use on the terrace or the lounge upstairs. 

You can call to make bookings and they are available on Facebook. 

Nightlife in Cameroon – Yao Ba

The Yao Ba has a cocktail bar and a restaurant and it caters to Africans and Europeans. With a restaurant and bar, you eat dinner and relax to enjoy the floorshow. 

It is an upper-crust hangout where you can eat, drink and enjoy the live performances. They are the epitome of excellence and match it with stellar service. The crowd is a mix of fancy and business crowd and dress formal is expected. It has a gaming room away from the club. 

The Yao Ba is located at Quartier Manguissa Yaoundé, Centre, Cameroon. You can make bookings via Facebook. 

Nightlife in Cameroon - Top 10 fun places for hangouts
Yao Ba Club Credit: Facebook

Nightlife in Cameroon – J C Bastos

It has a Bar, Bistro, Pub and restaurant in one. It attracts the African and American crowd. They are young, fashionable and love to have fun. 

Most people come to JC Bastos for its cocktails and beer. They also have arguably the best rotisserie in Cameroon. Pool players favour the C Bastos. You can eat inside or out and fried chicken and drinks are always on the menu. Watching the sights and sounds and people go by is a side attraction. 

You can bookings for reservations online. 

Nightlife in Cameroon – Route 66

Route 66 is an American bar in Cameroon that specializes in serving foreign wine and spirits. It is the place to be if you are looking for quality wines and spirits. They also serve sandwiches, burgers, and pizzas in case you get hungry. 

The interior décor is class and the addition of a pool table guarantees that you will have a fun and friendly night. Foreigners in the country especially tourists feel right at home on Route 66.

Book a reservation online. The bar is located at Nkol Eton Yaoundé, Centre, Cameroon. Visit our website or Facebook page to check out the bar. 

Nightlife in Cameroon - Top 10 fun places for hangouts
Route 66 Credit: Facebook

Nightlife in Cameroon – Jack Daniels

The Jack Daniels is a huge magnet for the fancy crowd in Yaoundé Cameroon. With its loud music and its closing at dawn, it is a popular haunt for the fashionable crowd in Cameroon and a fun place to be. 

It gets crowded so learning to navigate a crowded bar is something you should bear in mind. It is in the middle of the city in Yaoundé, Centre, Cameroon. 

Make reservations online and visit us on our social media channels.

Nightlife in Cameroon – Black & White, Bastos Yaoundé

The Black & White is a club in Yaoundé with features such as a bar, a pub, a snack bar for food and attracts the American crowd in Cameroon. A great way to see the happenings in Yaoundé is by checking out the terraces of the Black & White. It is a regular hangout for football lovers on Champion weekdays or weekends. There is grilled fish and chicken, and cocktails or beer to wash it down. 

It is a great place to hang out with your sports lovers or a way to relax after a tough week. Make reservations online. It is located at Carrefour Bastos, Bastos, Yaoundé, 237, Cameroon. Come share your lovely experiences on our social media pages.

Nightlife in Cameroon - Top 10 fun places for hangouts
Nightlife in Cameroon, Bastos.

Nightlife in Cameroon – Le Quebec

Le Quebec is a nightclub with a bar, and a snack bar attached. It is sort of an African Bistro. You have fun and can do some munching. It is located in the Essos neighbourhood and they have seats outside at night to accommodate their crowd. A rotisserie runs at hours so you cannot get hungry at this all-purpose club. 

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