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Pogba Brothers Controversy: Mathias, Accuses Paul Pogba of Using Witchcraft On Kylian Mbappe


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Paul Pogba’s older brother, Mathias Pogba has claimed that the former Manchester United player had resorted to witchcraft to harm fellow football player, Kylian Mbappe.

Mathias, a former Wrexham, Crewe and Crawley Town player who currently plays for ASM Belfort, made the claim in a video posted to Twitter this weekend.

The 32-year-old has vowed to reveal explosive information about the Juventus star.

He implied that the information would pit footballers, sponsors, fans and the entire world against his brother, Paul.

“People will see that there is no one in this land more cowardly, traitorous and hypocritical than you,” Mathias said on social media.

“Kylian, do you understand now? I have nothing negative against you, my words are for your own good. “All is true and proven. The marabout is well known!

“I feel sorry for my brother, an alleged Muslim who is immersed in witchcraft,” Mathias said.

Mathias also blames Pogba for allegations about his involvement in a gang that tried to extort money from the 2018 world champion.

Paul Pogba

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According to Get French Football News, Pogba filed a complaint with police earlier this year after he was intimidated by two hooded men with assault rifles in a Paris apartment in March of this year.

The two men demanded €13m from the Juventus star, who was at his former club Manchester United at the time.

Pogba reportedly told authorities that he believes the men behind the blackmail attempt were some of his childhood friends and his older brother Mathias. The men told him they were entitled to the money because they had “protected” him over the years.

“Unfortunately, Mathias Pogba’s recent statements on social media are not surprising. They come after threats and extortion attempts by an organized gang against Paul Pogba,” Pogba said in a statement released by his team after Mathias’ video went viral on Sunday.

“This was forwarded to the relevant authorities in Italy and France a month ago,” he added.

Pogba Brothers Controversy: Mathias, Accuses Paul Pogba of Using Witchcraft On Kylian Mbappe

Pogba reportedly told authorities during interrogation that the blackmailers showed up at Juventus’ training ground in Turin, Italy, last month, after which he decided to report the matter to the club’s legal department and the police.

Pogba has denied allegations of using ‘witchcraft’, which he says it is a false story used by blackmailers to extort money from him.


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