South African Pastor, Siva Moodley buried 579 days after his death


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Siva Moodley, 53, founder of the Miracle Center in North Johannesburg, died on August 15, 2021, following an illness. However, his funeral took place recently on Thursday 16 March 2023, following an exhausting wait by his followers for his resurrection.

The late pastor used to preach that “no Christian should die of disease.”

According to IOL, Moodley’s body has been kept in a Johannesburg morgue since his death as his family hoped to revive him.

IOL reported that after his death, his family and church members often visited the funeral home to pray for his resurrection.

At the time, the director of the funeral home, Martin du Toit, applied to the Johannesburg District Court for permission to bury or cremate Modly. However, the case has not yet been scheduled for a hearing.

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Moodley was buried after the Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg issued a court order. According to court documents viewed by News24, Martin’s Fourways and Roodepoort funerals turned to the court for an order because Moodley’s immediate family did not claim his body for about 600 days after his death.

His family also did not agree to Moodley’s body being buried or cremated, and the undertaker kept his body in a coffin in a refrigerated morgue in Johannesburg.

In court documents, the undertaker said representatives from the city of Johannesburg visited the morgue in December 2022 and indicated that future warnings could be issued because they believe Moodley still poses a health risk, having been stored there at the time for over a year.

The funeral home made 28 attempts to ask Moodley’s wife and children for instructions. These included emails, over 40 WhatsApp messages and a letter from the lawyer.


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