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Tanzanian Ruby, Burj Alhamal, One of the Biggest Rough Rubies in the World, Goes Public for the First Time in Dubai 


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With a weight of 2.8 Kilograms, making it one of the world’s biggest rough rubies, the record-breaking Ruby from Tanzania, Burj Alhamal has been exposed for the first time to the public in Dubai.

Though details remain sketchy about when the gemstone was obtained; the variegated purplish-red rough Ruby was reportedly mined from the village of Winza in central Tanzania.

The uncut Gemstone, which weighs almost the same as a brick, was unveiled by British actor Tamer Hassan at the Waldorf Astoria Dubai International Financial Centre on Friday.

Tanzanian Ruby, Burj Alhamal, One of the Biggest Rough Rubies in the World, Goes Public for the First Time in Dubai 

The managing director of the company exposing the ruby, Patrick Bellati was happy to finally unveil the stone.

“This is a rough Ruby from Tanzania it’s 8,400 carats, It’s not heated, what I mean by not being heated is not been treated. So it’s natural and that’s why it’s precious. […] We’re going to auction it, but before the auction for the next 30 days, we’ll be actually traveling Dubai in different locations where everybody can see it. Because it’s important to show that it really exists. You can Google these images, but you’re not sure whether they are real or not .”

According to minerals experts, the Burj Alhamal could be auctioned for 120 million dollars and the would-be buyer of the stone will have to decide what to do with it once bought. 

Kenya, Mozambique, and Tanzania are one of the main ruby-producing countries in Africa.


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