The Sacred Puberty Rite of the Krobos


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We wonder how many rites you know in Africa. The continent has numerous rites we may not be able to count. Krobos, an ethnic group in Ghana celebrates puberty rite you would love to know.   The process is an initiation rite that translates maidens into women. The ‘Dipo’ is the rite that ushers a maiden into womanhood and it is a sacred process. The Krobos respect and honour the rite.

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A maiden in whom the Dipo has being carried upon is called ‘Dipo-yo’.  There was a time it was a taboo for maidens to get pregnant without the ‘Dipo.’ A maiden who gets pregnant without the rite is severely punished and most times, she is banished from Krobo.

February was once the month the rite was performed, but that has changed since Easter has become the most preferred time for the event.  Parents submit their daughters’ names whenever the rite is announced.  The rite announcement is always made on behalf of Nene Kloweku, the Earth goddess.  Sundays or Thursday are mostly the days that Nene Kloweku holds in high esteem. These two days are when the rite can be performed.

In Africa, there are rites that women have to respect. Though, education and religion have played a major role in reducing the power and importance of these rites. However, whenever these rites are performed, it is highly regarded


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