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Top Ten Places to buy a home in South Africa


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Top Ten Places to buy a home in South Africa-clifton
Clifton Suburb

What are the top ten places to buy a home in South Africa? This is the question on the lips of many real estate investors and enthusiasts.

Proper information helps you make the right decisions. There are places in the suburbs and there are available spaces in wealthy neighbourhoods where you can find beautiful and suitable homes to live in.

If you are interested in living in exclusive neighbourhoods this article will answer the questions that you are asking.

Some of the best areas to buy homes in South Africa are:


  1. Top Ten Places to buy a home in South Africa-Clifton

Properties located in the Western Cape are prominent and are expensive. The prices from the high-income area is the reason why half of the places on this list are from the Western Cape.

Clifton is known for its splendid beachside properties and premium lifestyles. They are the most expensive suburb in South Africa. Properties cost R20 million and upwards. This is why the rich and famous Holly Wood stars always visit Clifton when they are in South Africa. This is a high-class Mediterranean lifestyle in Africa.

  1. Top Ten Places to buy a home in South Africa-Bantry Bay

The second best place to buy property is the Bantry Bay area. It is connected to South Africa’s richest road, Victoria Road.

The real estate prices on Victoria Road are approximately R80, 000 per square metre. The real estate on Bantry Bay actually cost R67, 000 per square metre. Bantry Bay is located close to Atlantic Seaboard on the Lion’s Head. This gives residents amazing views of the ocean. The suburb is lined with many wealthy hotels and other forms of accommodation and is a favourite spot for tourists. It is also well-liked for being the most wind-free suburb in Cape Town.


  1. Top Ten Places to buy a home in South Africa-Fresnaye

One of the choice real estate in the Western Cape is Fresnaye. This neighbourhood is huddled between Sea Point and Signal Hill. This is located on the Lion’s Head incline. It is seen as having one of the best architectural designs and the most elegant homes in Cape Town. To live in Fresnaye is to have a glamorous lifestyle and easy access to the beaches, the waterfronts and all the amenities needed to keep you and your family entertained.

Top Ten Places to buy a home in South Africa

  1. Top Ten Places to buy a home in South Africa-Camps Bay

Its easy access to restaurants, cafes and retailers are the features that make Camps Bay special. The white beaches and the natural rock swimming pool are part of what makes it luxurious. Camps Bay is a place of affluence and authenticity, and an animated place. The average price of real estate in this location is R49, 000 per square metre. Everything about living in Camps Bay is visually appealing. It is the ultimate laidback, urban beach lifestyle realized.


  1. Top Ten Places to buy a home in South Africa-Llandudno

One of the country’s most affluent neighbourhoods is located on the Atlantic Seaboard, Llandudno. It has brilliant beaches that are a very good spot for surfing. The beach has a lifeguard service to keep everyone safe during the summer. It is only a few minutes walk from Sandy bay and those who love sunbathing would love this area.

Properties in Llandudno will cost you R46, 000 per square metre. This area is calm and peaceful. There are no shops or streetlights. Driving along the Llandudno suburb will give you a view into the amazing world of movies and their near-perfect sceneries.

Top Ten Places to buy a home in South Africa
Beaches in Llandudno, South Africa
  1. Top Ten Places to buy a home in South Africa-Umhlanga

The Umhlanga is a KwaZulu-Natal suburb. This coastal town attracts international and local tourists. It is the Western Cape and the ocean water in Umhlanga comes from the Indian Ocean. This makes it perfect because it is warm and pleasing when you swim in it.

This Town provides high-class urban living and it has convenient access to amenities and retailers. You can also get great views of the ocean,


  1. Top Ten Places to buy a home in South Africa-Waterkloof

Waterkloof is an elite neighbourhood located in the east of Pretoria in Gauteng. A report by Seeff claimed that Waterkloof had moved ahead of previously approved exclusive neighbourhoods like Sandton.  Waterkloof was acclaimed as the wealthiest neighbourhood in Gauteng.

Some of the features of Waterkloof is the excellent security and many classy homes in some of the best estates in South Africa. It is a beautiful place with moist trees and the amazing purple flowers, Jacaranda, which blooms every spring. It lines the streets and nothing is quite as beautiful as Jacaranda blooming in spring.

Many of the homes in this exclusive neighbourhood are located on the hills, and panoramic views of the landscape is a perk of living in the area. There is easy access to the Union Buildings, retailer and golfing.

Top Ten Places to buy a home in South Africa
Sandhurst Suburb
  1. Sandhurst

Sandton is the richest square mile in South Africa. Sandhurst is a residential area in Sandton.

Sandton is considered the wealthiest suburb and all the surrounding suburbs. It is considered a high-net-worth suburb because of its proximity. Therefore, Sandhurst has a high demand. This suburb attracts business professionals from home and abroad. The highest volume of super-homes in South Africa is located in Sandhurst hence the glamorous lifestyle.


  1. Houghton

Houghton is one of the chic areas especially when the first black president in South Africa had his home in this neighbourhood. The suburb abounds with mansions and high walls. There is easy access to the highways, main roads and amenities like the golf course. This neighbourhood lies in close proximity to King Edwards VII for Boys, one of the best schools in South Africa. The school has a history of over a hundred years. If you green forests, peace and quiet and the energetic lifestyle that goes along with it, this is your neighbourhood.


  1. Hillcrest

Durban’s most expensive suburb is Hillcrest. This amazing suburb is also South Africa’s most expensive suburb. It offers you a quiet place to hang out and a getaway from the verve of the Durban lifestyle. It is a safe area and the average price of the property is R3, 702,622. There are many exclusive suburbs with varying budgets. If you were considering investing in safety and an exclusive lifestyle, this list would be extremely valuable.

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