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Tyrese Gibson’s Former Wife Samantha Lee Voices Regret Over Divorce, Blames Influence of Friends


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In a candid and revealing conversation on the Hardly Initiated podcast, Samantha Lee, the former wife of renowned actor Tyrese Gibson, opened up about her deep regrets regarding the dissolution of their marriage. The couple tied the knot in 2017 and joyfully welcomed their daughter into the world a year later. However, their once-promising union took a sharp turn, and they announced their separation in 2020. Now, Lee finds herself yearning for reconciliation, while Gibson remains steadfast in his decision to move forward separately.

During the podcast episode, Samantha Lee expressed a profound sense of remorse for her role in the divorce, acknowledging that she was in an emotionally vulnerable state when she made the fateful decision to sign the divorce papers. She went on to suggest that external influences, particularly the opinions and advice of her friends, played a significant role in shaping her mindset and ultimately swaying her decision.Tyrese Gibson's Former Wife Samantha Lee Voices Regret Over Divorce, Blames Influence of Friends

Reflecting on her state of mind at the time, Lee revealed, “If I had different people around me during that critical period, I would not have made that decision.” She emphasized the importance of having a strong support system that offers balanced perspectives and guidance during moments of turmoil. Lee regretted that she had focused primarily on the negative aspects of their relationship, failing to recognize and appreciate the positive aspects that had once drawn them together.

Samantha Lee further revealed that she had neglected seeking advice from friends who held a pro-marriage stance. She recognized the value of having individuals who could provide unbiased and thoughtful insights during such emotionally charged circumstances. The absence of such guidance led her down a path that she now deeply regrets.Tyrese Gibson's Former Wife Samantha Lee Voices Regret Over Divorce, Blames Influence of Friends

“It’s my daughter’s father,” Samantha Lee expressed, her voice filled with longing for a restored connection. “If we were both willing to fight for it equally and make the necessary sacrifices, addressing each other’s needs, then perhaps there could be hope to mend what was broken. No one desires a fractured family.”

However, Gibson took to Instagram to counter Lee’s sentiments, accusing her of seeking attention and attempting to capitalize on the situation for personal gain. In a now-deleted video, he asserted that Lee was reveling in the spotlight, stating, “She is loving it. Congratulations, you went viral again over something else that you said because you’re trying to build up your YouTube page and increase your followers.”

Gibson firmly held his own beliefs regarding the divorce, vehemently asserting that financial matters were at the core of the matter. “This whole situation is about money,” he declared. He revealed that Lee had engaged the services of three law firms, purportedly with the intention of depleting his financial resources. Gibson disclosed that he had incurred nearly $1,000,000 in legal fees, highlighting the existence of a prenuptial agreement and claiming that Lee had made attempts to reconcile after the divorce had been finalized.

Expressing his profound disappointment, Gibson accused Lee of callousness, stating, “Everything about the way you left me was heartless. It was evil. You never considered me, our marriage, and most importantly, our innocent one-year-old child. She had to celebrate her second birthday apart from you.”

The actor further criticized Lee’s financial demands, asserting that she was seeking $20,000 per month for the care of their five-year-old child, despite her own annual income of $160,000. He passionately defended his integrity during their marriage, emphasizing his fidelity, devotion as a husband, and unwavering commitment to his family and children.

As the public bears witness to this deeply personal and emotionally charged saga, it is clear that both Tyrese Gibson and Samantha Lee are grappling with the aftermath of their divorce in their own unique ways. The future of their relationship remains uncertain, and only time will reveal whether reconciliation or continued separation will prevail.


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